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Establishing an Irontechdoll with upgraded skeleton and advantages of upgraded skeleton explaination


As you all know, skeleton is very important feature of a realistic sex doll. Good skeleton will give a much better performance for the love dolls, while bad skeleton will make the sex doll very uncomfortable to use. A lot of customer asked me what is the difference between the Irontechdoll upgraded skeletons and traditional skeleton. So I made some detailed photos for irontechdoll upgraded skeletons.

When you do not need to use the doll, you can hang the doll like below:

When you want to reuse the realistic love doll, you need get the doll down. And then put the head on. Please see the detailed steps below:

1.Realease the screw:

2. Insert the neck connector in the the connecting hole in the head then press the head

3. Wear the hair

Advantages of upgraded skeleton for Irontechdolls:

1. Easier combination and greater quality and longer life span.

Stainless metal seat make the face more tough and better looking

No need to rotate the face any more. So that the frictions between the neck and head bottom fringe will be released. So that easier combination, longer life span will be all gained.

2. More realistc and vivid postures available

Upgraded skeleton for Irontechdolls allows shoulder postures, which is not available at any other normal TPE sex dolls.


Upgraded skeleton for Irontechdoll allow more stable and vivid neck movement. The neck skeleton is designed with real human like double joints skeleton, making it more vivid to move the doll head.

This is just a try from Irontechdoll. Hope all doll lovers like the design.

Best regards

Irontechdoll team