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Irontech Doll options



New Wig Options:

Eyes color:

Skin color:

Pussy style:

Pussy can be removeable or fixed.( Same appearance)

Feet style:

Standing feet or normal feet

As for face options, we will update them when the new faces are finished.

Irontech Doll Manual

Doll introduction:

1. Dolls are made of TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer )and flexible metal skeleton. They are both environmentally friendly and harmless to human.

2. Dolls can pose freely to some degree. But because the doll is made at nature standing posture, so it is not recommended to pose the doll with big exaggerate postures for a long time. If so, the moved joints part might be dis-formed or damaged. When you do not use the doll, keep the doll in a naturally straight postures with arms straight and close to body.

3. There are some slightly mold lines and hoes hints on doll body which are unavoidable though we try our best to eliminate.

4. Dolls can be:

1) None-standing

There is no standing points on the feet bottom so the feet looks naturally. But standing the doll is forbidden. If you stand the doll, The pressure on the feet bottom might damage the feet and the doll might fall down due to the lack of balanced standing support.

2) Standing:

The doll is designed with three supporting points on the feet bottom. You can stand the doll freely and for a long time. But there are three metal points can be seen at feet bottom.


1. Do not scratch the doll with sharp items and do not pinch the doll very hard;

2. Avoid wearing the doll color fading clothes. The doll will be with color dirt if you do so. If you dirt the doll unluckily, please use doll dirt remover paste to fade the color.

3. Avoid putting the doll in sunshine for a long time.If so, the skin lifespan will be shortened.

4. When you want to change the postures for the doll, keep the doll lie or sit.

5. When you use the doll, avoid laying the doll on the floor or desk. Please cover a blanket on them. Or lay the doll on soft couch or bed directly.

Maintenance(Problems solving):

1 .How to deal with the pressure marks?

If you press the doll surface with some items or the doll press herself due to improperly laying the doll, you can release the pressure and cover the part with a warm not too hot wet towel for a time. It will recover gradually.

2. How to clean the doll if the doll gets dirty?

If the doll gets some dust or other normal dirt, please wash the doll with some normal cleaning stuff, such as clothes-washing powder, body cleaning gel but please avoid scratching the doll with your nails. After washing and drying the doll, please spread some baby powder on the doll surface. After all these process, the doll will be like new and touches better. It is recommended to do cleaning and powdering regularly according to the doll status.

3. If you find a crack or other damages on a doll, what should I do?

If the damage is a small one, please paste with exclusive glue to TPE dolls. Steps as below:

A) Clean the damaged part;

B) Make the damaged part in nature posture status;

C) Spread small amount of glue on damaged part gently;

D) Dry it for about 30 minutes;

4. How to use TPE glue?

The TPE glue is to melt the TPE and then the melted part rejoin. In normal situation, the repaired part by TPE glue does not influence the whole view. But sometimes, the damaged parts does not rejoin due to the improper operation while the surface is melted and sink down which will make it worse and worse if you keep spread the glue. When you meet such situation, please stop giving glue and press and push the part around the damaged part to help the damaged part rejoining and produce less sinking.

5. If the doll get some color on its skin, what should I do?

Spread the color fading paste exclusive to TPE dolls on the color part. If the color part does not disappear in about 30 minutes, spread some paste again. Usually the color will fade thoroughly after 2-3 times paste spreading.