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Irontechdoll new progress in the recent Months


Dear customers and business partners,

Since the last updations about what we have improved in the doll design, producing and quality issues. We have got a lot of great feedback on our dolls. While some customers also show some dislikes about the updations, so we decided to do some slight change to suit most customers demands. Below we list some changes.

1. Skeleton

Before, we have two different style of skeleton, upgraded and traditional. These two have both its advantages and disadvantages.

Upgraded skeleton used before is easy for face connection. It enjoys more vivid neck posture and shoulder postures. But the hinged neck before only matches faces and bodies in its own system. This is not flexible enough for some return buyers who want to mixmatch of bodies and faces between their Irontechdolls.

So we decided to keep the match flexibility and vivid posture at the same time!

We won't keep selling with two different style skeleton. All the dolls will be with M16 screw nut at the neck and head bottom part. All our dolls over 150cm tall(150cm included) will enjoy the features below:

1. Double joints neck;

2. Shoulder postures;

3. Hinged and screw connection available at the same time;

Example photos:

The left bolt is for hinged connection. It is an extra charming option. We need to customize the neck nut for both hinged and screwed connection available at the same time.

The right bolt is for screwed connection. It is a defalut option.

Steps for establishing hinged connection:

a) Screw the bolt into the face bottom nut;

b) Press the face to make the face and body hinged then you can rotate the face freely.

Steps for establish screwed connection

a) Screw the M16 into the face bottom

b)Screw the head into the neck bolt

2. TPE:

Based on the previous working towards realisticness on TPE materials, we have gained improvement in anti-pressure, anti-tearing performance and durability.

We do not need extra sponge to put it underthe ass to stop a flat breast. A very thin soft package like in the package will be okay for long time shipping.

I will share some anti-tearing test video later.

3. Details

Based on our work on the details processing, we have update more vivid detailed looking part, like hands, feet, and pussy. Please see some photos below:

We can also customize the pussy style with permanent realistic coloring. Below are some photos for the pussy in coloring process.

4. Package:

a) Package inner structure;

b) Feet and hands protection

c) Accessories and face protection

d) Doll in package and finally outer protection and strenghthening

5. Quality Check

Irontechdoll was, is and will be working with all the partners worldwide to creat more and more soulful creations that will touch you!