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Japanese Men Choose Life With Sex Dolls Over Real Women


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   An increasing number of Japanese men are finding true love in silicone sex dolls. However, for these men the reasons for such companionship is sometimes more than just sex.

   As sputniknews shared, a japanese man, called Masayuki Ozaki, lost her passion some years ago. Though in the same house with her daugher and wife. While he met the sex doll he called Mayu, he seemed to find his life goal again.

   By the interviews with Masayuki Ozaki and other similar guys who bought these life size silicone sex dolls, they are more willing to live with sex dolls because they think dolls are more liable and much less to complaint. Around 2000 solid silicone dolls are sold in Japan. And the price are about 5300 USD each.

  Irontechdoll team thinks that sex dolls are good for those who are lonely or need sex. It should be encouraged for those to have a sex doll if they really need. Irontechdolls also offer great quality Chinese sex dolls with best offer. Only around 1200 USD-1800 USD, you will have a sex dolls around you!