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Sex dolls are being shared with strangers in China


China's sharing economy are reaching his hands to various commodities in various area. You can share a bike, car, umbrella, etc with a stranger. While no one can imagine that sex dolls are shared now in China. As RT News said, Sharing a sex doll in China are being a most popular topic in China now.

Well, Prostitution is prohibited in China. Now the sharing economy has used a realistic sex doll as another way of prostituation in China. I think the government will do something on this. In China it is not so open to develop adult business. While the sharing economy still reach his hands to this area. So I think it is a great opportunity for business in European and USA.

Irontechdoll has cooperated with sex doll prostitute business in European and USA. Irontechdoll provide sex dolls with most realistic and tough skeleton, realistic skin and lifelike vagina and anus.

Now Irontechdoll are warmly welcome all kinds of cooperation with businessaman and doll lovers around the world. And wish to join hands to creat more possibilities!

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