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The things that keep you from owning a sex doll



   Sex dolls are becoming more and more popular among customers. Mostly, buyers are single male, married male while being sperate from wife, or those guys whose wife are pregnant or less active in sex. So as a creator in sex doll business, we, Irontechdoll company, feel very proud to help so many people away from being uncomfortable in sex.

   While we are going to analyze the things that keep customers from owning a sex doll. It will be a good summary for both realistic sex doll sellers and buyers. Sellers can judge who might be your potential customers when they first come to you. Buyers might be more clear about your demands and decide whether to take the doll or not.

   As per a dollforum post, dolls buyers might consider some issues before they decide to take a sex doll. What are the factors? Please check below:

   1a. basic price (you can't afford, or think they are poor value, even if you can afford)
1b. shipping price (e.g. they are not available at a brick and mortar shop, i.e. walk in store)
1c. Price per use (i.e. value, a doll at $6000 that lasts for 1000 sessions is better value than one at $1000 that lasts for 50)
2a. face, beauty (you find them unappealing)
2b. body, beauty (likewise)
2c. off-mark (too old/young compared to your fantasies)
3. orifices (not comfortable, inadequate/over the top sensation)
4a. storage (too bulky, practical concerns of where to keep doll)
4b. maintenance (cleaning, repairs etc)
5a. other (personal, logistical, aesthetic...)
5b. emotional (nothing to do with the dolls on offer, e.g. uneasy with the concept of owning a doll)
5c. social (nothing to do with dolls on offer, e.g. 'what will the neighbours/inlaws/boss think if I am exposed)

 It is a great detailed summary. To make things easier to understand, I summarize as below:

The index(money available*demands for a love doll) will decide whether you will need to buy a doll or not. So bofore you buy a sex doll, consider two factors, how much money available? And how much you like to have a doll.

  Irontechdoll company focus on producing sex dolls with best quality and affordability.  Irontechdoll company will keep helping those who really want a sex doll.