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A Japanese sex doll can be the best companion and pleasure partner for any man. It can give great sexual pleasure to a man at any time of the day as well. But many people do not know how to clean Japanese sex doll after using it, and that is why they fail to get same pleasure for a longer time. If you have this doubt in your mind, then following are some suggestions that can help you in this regard.
Japanese sex doll
Use Condoms: It is always easier to clean something that is less dirty and using a condom can help you achieve that result. If you are using a condom, then the holes of the doll will have very less amount of liquid that will make it easier for you to clear and it will also be safer for you to use next time. So, make sure you follow this practice.
Remove wig and electronics: modern day sex dolls come with various electronic devices for different functions, and you shall remove those electronics before washing it. Also, if you are cleaning the complete doll then make sure you remove its wig as well. This way, you will be able to avoid any kind of possible damage to your love doll.

Clean it gently: To clean your love doll, it is advised that you take a soft cloth, dip it into mild liquid soap and gently clean the surface. For holes, you need to pay minute attention there because bacteria grow more in that area. If needed, use an antibacterial soap for holes. And when you clean your doll, make sure you do not plunge the doll into the water because that would be an unsafe practice. After cleaning rinse gently with a humid cloth and warm water so no soap is left on the skin. Now dry the doll, install wig and electronic and use it again when you want to use.