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How a sex doll helped me to stop my porn addiction


I have been married for eight years and the worst thing is that my wife feels that I am not attracted to her since we started together. It is my fault, I can now admit after 8 long years of marriage that I am addicted to porn. I am not having any problems with my sexuality and I am still sexual, but the consumption of porn has definitely affected my married life. This is my story about I was able to fight porn addiction.

Sometimes, when I was in bed with my wife I started thinking about bondage, feet, anal, smashing up pies in her body and all kind of crazy stuff that I have watched online. I had developed a little fetish taste and I was afraid of sharing my fantasies with my wife. The result is that I end up having uncomfortable sex or not even having sex at all. My wife knew that something was going on and she told to me multiple times that we should go to see a counselor. We tried once, but I wasn’t able to open myself and nothing really changed. I loved my wife but sexual attraction was an important matter for me in a relationship. I needed help to end my porn addiction...

I probably became a porn addict before getting married, as I used to watch a lot of porn while I was in college, and I continued doing it during my marriage. It was probably a selfish attitude and I was leaving my wife out in the cold. I talked to her a few times but it was a hard topic to swallow. Although we tried working on our relationship we did not see an improvement, she was always trying to be romantic while I was pushing for other “stuff” and it always resulted in a big disappointment. After many discussions I told my wife that I would like to have sex with another person or to try new thing, but did not want to cheat on her. Surprisingly she suggested that we should get one of those realistic sex dolls and that might help me taking control back of pornography addiction.  

We started searching for a sex doll online with the idea that the toy could spice up and help in our relationship. We found that sex dolls can be really expensive and we weren’t in a great financial situation at that time, so I decided to check with my friend at the credit union and he said that I could get a personal loan. I explained the reasons, probably the craziest story a banker have ever listened from a client. Although I could get a loan, I found where they were really helpful providing more information about the dolls, process and payments, and luckily for myself they allowed me to use PayPal credit which was easier for the financing part, that way, after customizing the doll to my desires and paying the balance over time I received the outstanding TPE real sex doll in my doorstep. My wife and I were pretty amazed by the quality of the product and the master piece that our sex doll is.
Thanks to the sexy real sex doll I have managed to crack my porn addiction. I also stopped watching porn on a daily basis, now I only watch once in a while, like every two weeks. The sex doll has played an important role in our marriage, and it was thanks to my wife! I could have never thought about it!