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4 Ways Life Size Adult Sex Dolls Are Like The Real


Adult sex dolls have become extremely popular in the world today. With many men finding the needed satisfaction from this life size silicon sex dolls, there are still a few skeptical imagining that the sex dolls not only look plastic but also feel plastic. However this is very far from the truth as differentiating it from a real person is almost impossible. But what do they really offer?
Realistic sex doll
The look

One of the most outstanding things about real life dolls is the real look they have. With attention to detail high, the customization as per the needs of every client are made. In this case if you so wish a particular bust size, hair color, vagina size, nipple color and size, and eye color, you get to give instructions and your fantasy woman will be delivered to your door step. And that not all as you get to have a silicone baby doll for free.


With the Silicone Baby Doll specifications made to the last detail, reality still remains that plastic feel is still there. In this case the silicone technology has come to make it as realistic as possible. When it comes to the touch, everything is as you think it is as the silicone used makes it smooth and silky but real, making it just right to arouse your sexual desires. As if that is not enough its authenticity is down to the toes from the head and hair.


Flexibility to give you the most pleasures has not been left out. When comparing it to the real thing, it’s obvious that this real life adult sex dolls should move as the real thing. In this case expert details can be found down to the movement of the fingers. The joints areas have been made movable by none other than the well-made skeleton muscles and finally handcrafted to make every detail pop out. With this you are guaranteed of never wanting real girlfriend again.

Positioning during sex

The main point of having life size silicone sex dolls is no doubt to satisfy every sexual desire. In this case you have to agree that positioning during sex is important. With this adult sex dolls, positioning is not a problem as the flexibility during manufacturing is unsurpassed. However you will be glad to know that you have a little more leeway than you would with the real thing. The positions you have been holding back due to complaints or discomfort of your partner will no longer be reason to stop. This way with your silicone doll available for your needs, you can position it anyway you like and drive your way to sexual satisfaction.