CNY, Chinese new year for Irontechdoll


AVN Porn Star Ayumi Anime Sex Doll is finally ready!


Having let you guys waiting for such a long time, Irontechdoll company finally release their first porn star realistic sex doll. It is said that the porn star Ayumi Anime will take photos with her replica and make some exciting videos. I can't wait to see those photos and creation.
  As for the reason why we release the Ayumi Anime sex doll, CEO of Irontechdoll reveals that to make porn star into reality is just like those who have their dreams realise their dreams.Humanbeings are also keeping moving forward by pursuing their dreams. Irontechdoll thinks that this is an advancement in sex doll indulstry and they will keep moving this way!

  We now are creating some more plump sexy lady and also some various soulful faces. This is also a trial to enchich love doll fans choices. Please keep an eye on Irontechdoll news. I am also eager for the great choices in future either.