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How to buy a full solid love doll from


How to buy a full solid sex doll suitable for you?

To buy a full solid doll, you need to know various details. As a professional seller in doll business, now I summarize some important issues when you buy a doll below:

Irontech tpe doll

  1.As for material, there are two types of dolls in market, Silicone sex doll and TPE sex doll. Silicone sex doll is more bearing and easy to gain more realistic features compared with TPE sex doll, because silicone is harder than TPE. With the same reason, TPE will make the doll skin more soft and lifelike. Sex doll Irontech combines advantaged features of silicone doll and TPE sex doll together to make the doll most realistic at the basis of certain comfortable softness. Basically, if you do not use the doll as sex companion and just want to enjoy the beauty of the doll and use her as a companion only, then silicone doll is recommended. While if you want to have sex with the doll usually, then TPE sex doll is more recommended.

  2.As for style, there are usually several different ones such as cute young girls, lovely innocent young lady, hot sexy girls, elegant slim lady and wild hot woman. So it is important to know which style you like, then you can be more clear when you are shopping for a doll. Sometimes when you feel helpless to find your beloved dolls, you might consult a professional seller to ask for advice.You might get some surprise some times. Serving doll buyers for a long time, sex doll irontech knows customers demands and the doll market very well. If dolls customer come to us, we will usually give proper advise to customers.

  3.As for price, the doll price ranges from a few hundred USD dollars to a few thousand USD dollars even tens of thousand dollars. So what make the price so different? First, the material makes some price difference. If bad low quality TPE or silicone and low quality skeleton especially joints are used, cost can be cut a lot but at the same time smell skin and fragile and inflexible skeleton will follow. Second, the craftsmanship and design makes some price difference either.Doll is work of combination of art and craftsmanship. The more realistic and popular the doll is, the harder and exquisite work will be done by artists. And the technical details such as proper flexible skeleton , proper skin softness, realistic skin tone,etc are all work of craftsman team. Finally, brands is a very important factor influencing price. Brands contains all the work the company under this brand have done, so they will charge this part either. And some brand can give you sense of luxury. If you want to have this sense, some brand such as real doll, 4 wood are a good choice for you.