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The World's First Lara Croft Look-alike Sex Doll Released


Gamers Rejoice! Real Love Sex Doll's unveils the world's one and only Lara Croft look-alike sex doll Larah Kroft! This amazingly realistic love doll is life-sized with a fully articulated metal skeleton which allows her to be posed in almost any position that a real woman can.
real love doll
Gone are the days of cheesy blow up dolls these dolls are made of solid Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). Larah's skin is silky soft to the touch, and amazingly lifelike to squeeze. She can be bathed, dressed and styled much like a life size barbie doll. Women particularly tend to dig that aspect.

We know you're wondering, and yes she is definitely anatomically correct in every way with oral, anal and vaginal orifices that look and feel almost exactly like the real thing.

Though sexual pleasure is the number one reason people buy her, women and men both appreciate the sheer perfection of these "love dolls" and consider them a work of art in their own right. Photography is another major reason many take the plunge into doll ownership.

With their uncanny lifelike appearance, many doll owners bring a doll into their home strictly for the companionship of having "someone" close and never engage in any sexual activity. 

Often wrongly stereotyped as the creepy pervert type - real sex doll owners span the spectrum from lawyers and business owners to lonely widowers, photographers, and sometimes people that just want a break from the drama of dating. Literally customers are from every walk of life, station in life, and every part of the world, young and old, male and female alike.

Of course it's healthy red blooded sexually active males that lead the pack for the sole purpose of boinking their brains out with a super hot lady. The fact that she never complains or has a headache makes her all the more appealing.

The  Larah Kroft Sex Doll is the hottest thing to hit the sex doll community and is exclusively made for Real Love Sex Dolls by Chinese sex doll manufacturer WM Dolls. 

Disclaimer: The Larah Kroft look-alike love doll head is exclusively made for Real Love Sex Dolls by Chinese sex doll manufacturer WM Dolls. Though she may bear a resemblance to the video game character turned movie screen heroine, she is only a "look-alike" and not affiliated with or in any way intended to compete with any franchise licensed trademark product.