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Tips on choosing TPE Love Dolls


An increase use of sex dolls has been growing throughout the years. But the quality of the doll stays the same or on the poor side rather than the great side. So many manufacturers experimented on materials like vinyl, plush, latex, and fabric but the results aren’t just going up the par.

The first to use materials that are very life like and of great quality are manufacturers from the China. They experimented with TPE which stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer or thermoplastic rubbers.

But what are the upsides of using TPE sex dolls rather than other kinds?

The flexibility it offers is more characteristically real rather than other kinds of dolls.
Shock Absorption
Since the material is also made of rubber, the doll becomes shock absorbent taking damaging from fall lightly.
Soft Texture
The texture and feel the doll can give to many users are life like.
Slip Resistance
Unlike other materials, users can have a firmer grip on the dolls. Because the product is made of thermoplastic rubbers, the TPE love doll won’t sleep through the hands of the users.
The worth of the TPE dolls is equal to or maybe more beneficial to the users than the manufacturer,
Because of the materials, the TPE dolls are more realistic and very lifelike both in features and size.
This kind of doll can retain body warmth making the experience more realistic.
Because of the materials in the production, the TPE love dolls is highly unlikely to have weird smells or bad odors.
TPE sex dolls are made of hypoallergenic materials which lessens the probability of causing allergic reactions.
These are only some of the many good qualities on using TPE sex dolls other than dolls made of other materials. Aside from the realistic looks, it provides and gives almost life like experiences during sexy time.

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