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What and how to use your mini sex dolls


What are mini love dolls?

Mini love dolls also known as mini sex dolls or small sex doll are simply miniature versions of sex dolls. Although there is no standard size for them, here at we define ‘mini’ love dolls as anything below 100cm.

What are they made of?

Like typical sex dolls, mini sex dolls are made from either TPE or Silicone material so they offer the same realistic feel as to their larger counter parts. There is no real difference between the two and the manufacturing process is identical as well. Therefore quality and durability is of the same high standard as well (as long as you find a high quality manufacturer like the ones here at
mini sex doll
How to use your mini sex doll

The design of the mini love doll was partially to cater for easier usage and convenience. For instance due to its lighter frame (weighs less than 5kg) it is significantly lighter to carry it around your home especially when you live in a house with stairs and also performing certain physically demanding sex positions will be less tiring. The smaller size also allows it to be easily carried through small doorways or narrow corridors and you are less likely to accidentally hit the doll when carrying it around.

However on the flip side, there are certain setbacks to using a mini love doll. The most noticeable one being that it will only have a single orifice, which is normally the vagina. This is because the small size makes it difficult to fit additional orifice inside the small sex doll’s body and also make including non-detachable inserts very difficult (thus most come with in-built vaginas). In addition certain certain normal activities may also seem unrealistic, for example dancing with your doll may be odd since she will likely be dangling in the air. Lastly purchasing clothing may not be as easy since most sizes will not fit your mini love doll.

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