CNY, Chinese new year for Irontechdoll

Irontechdoll upgrade its hygiene standard

To help every customer get their dolls clean and safe, Irontechdoll decided to put its hygiene standard to a higher level. 

1.All the place, area will be disinfected with 84 disinfectant by a spayer before and after  work time each day.

2.Before entering the workshop, workers will be taken tempreture, disinfected with 75% alcohol by a spayer then they will dress  anti-dust suit.

3.The workshop operates under 5S standard, ie Sort, Order, Clean and Inspect, Standardize, Follow and Improve.

4.Before shipping, we will check and confirm all the order details and also disinfect the doll and the package.

 Please take care of yourself and your families. I think we can conquer this difficulty very soon!

Below, we have the videos to show how our workshop operates.