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At Irontech Doll, you will receive dedicated customer support and our commitment to premium craftsmanship. Additionally, each silicone love doll you purchase includes the following features by default:

Adherence to the golden ratio in design

Anatomically correct love hole position (LHP)
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EVO Skeleton

Gel Breasts

Lifelike realism achieved through high-quality body painting

Exquisite Makeup

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About Irontech Doll

Welcome to Irontech Doll, where we provide unforgettable experiences of intimacy and emotional fulfillment. With a legacy of over 5 years, we have crafted exquisite dolls that ignite passion and bring profound satisfaction. Our commitment to “Beauty-inspired creation” is reflected in every doll we create, capturing the essence of true beauty and ensuring every intricate detail is faithfully reproduced. By utilizing premium materials and expert craftsmanship, we elevate your pleasure to a level that immerses you completely free from any distractions.

Source Factory

Source Factory

Over 10000 square meters, 8+ years of factory experience, with a sex doll showroom

RD Team Irontech Doll

R&D Team

Original Design with an R&D team that consists of designers, sculpture artists, and paint artists.

High Quality Irontech Doll


Using non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. Strictly controls every production process.

Custom Services

Custom Services

We provide OEM/ODM services and are capable of executing custom-made projects with our team of professionals.

Doll Photography

Doll Photography

All photos on this site were professionally taken, capturing true likenesses using expert makeup and lighting – no Photoshop or filters employed on our dolls.


TDF Authorized

Listed as a sex doll authorized manufacturer by the world’s most influential TDF Forum.

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Irontech Doll Help Center

Irontech Doll Help Center

Our dedicated team is here to help whether you’re a beginner or a love doll enthusiast. We are available to assist with any questions or issues you may have, providing you with the support you need to enjoy your full experience with our premium love dolls.

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