New Arrival: 162 cm TPE Sex Doll with Realistic Skin Texture

We just released a new TPE sex doll body. This body height is 162 cm, with realistic skin texture, which outstands most of the TPE love dolls in the market.

162cm TPE Body

Compared to the standard TPE love doll body, as you can see from the following pictures, the 162cm TPE body has rich seamless kin details. 

162cm TPE vs.Standard TPE
TPE realistic skin texture

Seamless Skin Texture is a surface that mimics natural skin’s smooth, continuous, and unbroken appearance, free from visible seams or abrupt transitions. High-quality love dolls often seek this quality to enhance realism and provide a more lifelike appearance.

Seamless Skin Texture

Now you can find it on our Hybrid Series. The super-detailed TPE body matches the beautiful silicone head. Not as expensive as a full silicone doll, it is a favourable choice for love doll beginners.

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