TPE sex dolls, Silicone sex dolls factory in China.

About Us

About Irontechdoll

1.Beauty Inspired Creations
As the Logo of Irontechdoll shows,all the creations is based on people’s pursuit for beauty!In the creation process, we try to recover every details that a real beauty enjoys. With this target, we have made breakthrough on skeleton,skin touches feel, private parts, makeup etc.

2.Worldwide Marketing
Irontechdolls have been sold worldwide with the partnership from the local sellers worldwide. We have received great feedbacks for the products and services.

3.Customers Oriented
Irontechdoll puts his business partner and customers to the priority.With this guideline, Irontechdoll keeps an ear to all the customers, business partners and other experienced users in the indulstry.
Now Irontechdoll is expanding its business and are inviting worldwide sellers to join in and grow together!



Irontechdoll has served more than 200 doll business vendors serving more than 30,000 customers with solid quality items, amazing design and professional customer services.


Creating best happiness is our mission. We hope to bring best amusement for customers and therefore bring real happiness to their lives.


Pursuing best satisfactions is our vision. We see customers satisfaction as our final pursuit. In that way, can our partners and us develop in a sustainable and healthy way.


All the Irontechdoll team treat their jobs not only as way of making a living but also their career with passion! A passionate young team keeps pushing us forward all the time!


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1.TDF Authorized Manufacturer

Irontechdoll has been listed as authorized manufacturer by world biggest doll forum, TDF for 4 years. We have accumulated great fame their with our solid quality and realistic creations.

2.Greatest Products

Irontechdoll keeps doing original passionate creation for more than 5 years. And we have accumulated solid basis on products variety and vividness. Irontechdoll keeps creating a doll that might touch the customers instead of pushing customers just with toys. On the other hand, we work to provide customers with best cost performance as well. In one word, we aim to creat greatest items with best affordability.

3.Promising Marketing

Irontechdoll covers most complete sex dolls, IE normal Irontechdoll, Irontechdoll Starter Series, Irontechdoll Super Realistic Series. We offer most possibility for your doll business.

Irontechdoll cooperated with many Internet celebrity to gain more branding awareness. This is a great way to help your business as well.

Irontechdoll will attend professional fair related sex toys. We will keep doing branding as well.

4.Real Attractiveness from Real Buyers

Honesty is best policy. We do not trick any customers. And in that way, we have accumulated many fans customers very fast. Here below are some examples photos from some of our fans customers.


Leonard Liu

Leonard, general manager of Irontechdoll company, focusing on core business partnership,marketing and customers support team management.

Alice Huang

Alice, Chief financial manager of Irontechdoll company, focusing on financial risk analysis and control, business operating analysis.

James Li

James, Chief technology manager of Irontechdoll company, focusing on technical issues in order to improve production craftsmanship and raising new techs for marketing.

Nichole Cheung

Nichole, quality control manager of Irontechdoll company, focusing on quality control before shipping.

Irontechdoll covers most complete style realistic sex doll and always put beauty inspired creation as their slogan!

Irontechdoll hopes to bring more and more amazing satisfaction in future progress.

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