TPE Sex Doll Buyer Review-Lola & Miki

TPE Sex Doll 164cm Plus Lola


Hi everybody,

I am ready to announce I finally am getting a black-skinned sex doll.

Anyway... I have seen a lot of African American dolls on the web but there's one company that truly caught my eye.

You guessed it... it's IronTechDoll! They have Lola 164cm plus and she looks really frigging cool!

Here's a picture to refresh your memory (how she looks on the website).

The packing and packing materials are also super good! Lots of foam and air thingies. She came in a sleeping bag instead of a towel which I think is cool even though zippers do scare the bejeezus out of me.

The arms and legs were packed in with foam material as well. The head was completely wrapped in foam too.

The joints are also super smooth (not super stiff) and I have yet to stand her up on her own two feet.

Here's the video on YouTube

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Instock Warehouse Sex Doll 163cm Miki

Hello Everybody,

After being in such amazing communication we decided to see how it would go to order a stock doll.(TPE Doll 163cm Miki)

IronTechDoll has a warehouse in the USA and a warehouse in SPAIN.

The last one makes everything so much easier for people like me who live in Europe.

My country always wants extra money (taxes) unless it comes from an EU country in this case Spain. Which is perfect!!!

The shipment had a HEAT delay (because of the heatwave) but the doll was still here within 1 week. It literally took 4 or 5 days with the weekend in between.

TPE With Metal Skeleton Inside

Doll Details

Height: 163cm

Shoulder Width: 35cm

Breastline: 86cm

Underbreastline: 71cm

Waistline: 62cm

Hipline: 94cm

Thighline: 51cm

Calfline: 31cm

Feet: 22.5cm

Weight: 36kg

Arm: 67cm

Leg: 88cm



Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex are available


Hole Depth

Vagina: 18cm

Anus: 16cm

Mouth: 13cm

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The quality and the price of the dolls are in my opinion very good too.

The doll that came in this time is a Miki doll. She's absolutely gorgeous but less premium than the Lola doll.

Which is logical as this is a stock doll.

A stock doll is quicker at your doorstep - costs less money - but also has fewer premium features.

For example the breasts are hollow (standard). No sleeve etc.

The quality is STILL super good! Heavy - thick - lovely.

Yes I am still and forever will be a Irontechdoll fan.

Post time: Oct-06-2022

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