Irontech Doll 163 “First Impression” | Love Doll Review

written by Nirodha

I would like to give my first impressions of my new Irontech Doll 163.

Love Doll Configuration

Body: silicone 163cm
Head: S40 Eileen
Skin tone: dark tanned
Breasts: gel breasts
Areola: 3cm, red brown
Hand: articulated & hard hand
Nails: 2+E
Vagina: fixed, B1 tunnel
Butt: solid
Feet: standing feet without bolts

Comprehensive Review: Assessing Love Dolls across 9 Key Aspects

1.The body shape:

Irontech has many bodies that appealed to me such as the 162 minus and the 169.

The first had hips that were a little too wide for my taste and the other was a little too big for me.

That’s why I decided on the 163 and don’t regret it. The body shape is fantastic and suits my taste 100%.

I don’t know if this doll was modeled after a real person, but I would believe it in a heartbeat if someone told me.

This is a fantastic body that is indistinguishable from a real human being in terms of shape and proportions.

9/10 (1 point deducted for the butt.)

2.Haptics and body painting:

I chose the standard silicone version because I mainly wanted this doll for photography, so I can’t say anything about the ultra soft silicone version or the extra options: soft belly, soft thighs, soft vagina and gel butt.

The standard silicone is a little firmer than a TPE doll and you notice this especially in places like the back and the thighs because this 163 model has a foam core and the thinner the silicone on the foam core, the harder it is of course in these places.

I would recommend getting all the soft options including the gel butt if you want this doll primarily for sex and cuddling.

For my purposes, this doll is fantastic as is.

The body paint just looks incredibly good. My photos here don’t do it justice. You have to see this in real life.

Irontech says in their manual that the painting can wear off over time, which is of course very unfortunate for such a work of art.

So far I have the impression that the silicone is at least the same color as the painting.

So that if the color decreases over time, it will not be white in these areas afterwards.

If I can say more about it later, I will update this thread.

3.The Breasts:

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything special with such small breasts and that’s why I was extremely pleasantly surprised at how soft the breasts are.

They feel like real breasts and that’s not an exaggeration.

These little breasts feel much softer than the breasts of my 159C TPE doll with gel filling.

This is probably because TPE dolls are simply filled with softer TPE as a gel filling, but these silicone dolls seem to use real gel.


4.The hands:

I chose the options: Hard Hands and Articulated Fingers.

I’m thrilled, not only because they look so realistic, but also because they move very well.

The transition from normal silicone to hard hands is not visible, you can only feel it if you search for it.


5.The Vagina:

Here too I have to say that I am amazed by the realistic painting. This vagina just looks tempting.

Since she is still a virgin, I can’t say anything about how she feels when you have sex with her.

I will also update this point when I can say more about it.

But here, too I would recommend the soft option, as the standard silicone is not quite as soft as TPE

– /10

6.The Feet:

Here I chose the option: Hard standing feet without bolts.

In terms of hardness, the feet feel the same as the hands. I actually thought they would be a little harder.

How this affects longevity remains to be seen. The attached photo was taken after the doll had been standing in socks and shoes for 40 hours. So they seem tough enough.

Here too, no transition from the material is visible. At the beginning, I couldn’t even feel the transition, so I was afraid that this option had been forgotten,

but after searching for a while I was able to feel the transition, it’s just much deeper in the silicone than in the hands.


7.The weight:

Irontech Doll states the weight of the body as 36.9 kg and the head as 3 kg.

As soon as I unpacked it, I noticed that the doll felt much lighter than 37 kg and at first I attributed it to the weight distribution in general.

After weighing it, it quickly became clear why she felt lighter. This doll weighs only 29.9 kg!!!

I don’t know why Irontech doesn’t change their weight information.

This is probably a game changer for a lot of people.

The S40 head weighs 2.8kg

That makes a total of 32.7 kg instead of 39.9kg

I can only assume that Irontech states a higher weight because the extra soft options and the gel butt lead to a higher weight?

I have no idea. All I can say is the standard version without soft extras only weighs 29.9 kg


8.The Butt:

The butt is very firm. Please choose the gel butt option if you want a somewhat realistic feeling.

Visually, the butt is the only part of this doll that I don’t like that much. There are definitely butts that look much more sexy.


9.LHP (Love hole placement):

This point is very important for many people, especially if you want to use your doll for sex in all possible positions.

The LHP looks good to me, but I’ll leave the evaluation to the experts.

Finally, I can only say that I am very satisfied with this doll and I see no possibility of going back to TPE dolls.

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