TPE Big Ass: Super Realistic Makeup And Improvement

Buying a TPE big ass is a good idea. Not everyone prefers full-size love dolls. Sometimes we just don't have a lot of time to maintain them. Moreover, we might not have extra space to store them, and is not well to hide them from your wife and your kids.

If you are interested in TPE big ass with super realistic makeup, this article will greatly help you.


We believe everyone knows that the makeup of TPE products is not as real as silicone due to their material. If you want a doll with lifelike details, you can only buy a silicone doll at a high price.

Furthermore, the makeup of TPE big ass on the market is very ordinary and unreal and it is difficult to reach the same effect as Silicone. This is not the perfect TPE big ass that consumers want.

Nowadays, Irontechdoll's TPE big ass has made a major breakthrough in makeup. We can make the skin texture of TPE big ass as detailed as silicone. Please check the comparison photo below.

img (1)
img (3)

Compared with ordinary TPE big ass makeup, Irontechdoll's latest upgraded makeup makes TPE big ass look more realistic, and the skin texture and vascular details are realistic as real people. 

In addition to the makeup upgrade of TPE big ass, we have made some adjustments to the lower body position according to the customers’ feedback. The vaginal and Anal have been adjusted backward. In this way, you can use it more conveniently. It will bring you a great experience!

img (2)

Want to learn more details about our TPE big ass? Should you have any questions? Please feel free to chat, leave us a message, or email us. 

Post time: Aug-29-2022

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