Things You Need To Know About Sex Dolls

Do you know about sex dolls?

In Japan, they sometimes call sex dolls “Dutch Wives”, because the earliest sex doll is credited to Dutch sailors in the 17th century who used a doll made of cloth to relieve sexual desire during long sea voyages. Sex dolls have at least one penetrable orifice (mouth, vagina, or anus) or one body part that has the function of insertion or penetration (tongue or penis). Nowadays, the use of sex dolls has become a common phenomenon, especially in developed regions such as America, European countries, and Japan.

In which groups of people account for the highest proportion?

The first thought that would probably come to our mind might be the lonely men, but in fact, that’s not quite right. According to statistics, the use of sex dolls among singles is pretty much regardless of gender, compared to casual one-night-stands, using sex dolls is much safer, preventing the risk of pregnancy and infection with STDs and HIV. Besides, sex dolls enable the discovery of a whole new experience for people who has physical difficulties or less accessibility to socialization. People with special needs can also meet their final fantasies by having customized ones. Married people are no exception. After years of marriage, many couples might have lost passion for each other. Getting a sex doll is in fact a nice solution to improve a couple’s sex life and make it more passionate.


The things you need to know

We need to learn that nowadays, only two types of materials are widely used for the making of sex dolls: TPE and Silicone. TPE material with good elasticity can be stretched over 6 to 10 times and is still able to return to its original size. It is much lighter than silicone and has a soft skin-touching feeling due to its flexibility, which ensures the perfect user experience. Silicone is a material made of rubber, resistant to heat, water, and stain. It has a lower possibility to trigger allergies and the cleaning process is much easier. Silicone sex dolls are super realistic. It has a more lifelike tactility and texture, which brings customers steps closer to their imagination. But apparently, it’s more costly. These two type material of dolls are required to keep regular hygienic maintenance and should be stored away from sunlight.

In general, for everyone, no one is better, only more suitable. Both silicone sex doll andTPE sex dollhave their own advantages and disadvantages. Selection shall be in accordance with your practical requirement.

What makes Irontechdoll Special?

Over 90% of the sex dolls existing worldwide are originally made in China. How can Irontechdoll be more competitive among all these manufacturers? Our mission–

Specializes in the Love doll industry, and keeps the full passion and continuous endeavor into creating soulful love dolls for our fans. We will provide customers with excellent sex dolls as well as excellent customer services. Being customer-oriented, we always work and invest on product development to meet the diversified needs of doll lovers. Excellent workmanship, high cost performance,and good reputation, wide to receive the favour of customers worldwide at high praise.


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