Capturing Stunning Group Shots with Irontech Love Dolls

Hi everyone, close to the end of 2023, the Irontech Doll team decided to have a big journey with our beloved dolls. We invite three experienced photographers and take 24 dolls, 20 ladies and four male dolls, to a big villa in a resort. We plan to take photos of each doll in the different areas of the villa, and then take a group shot, to celebrate the upcoming Christmas.

The last time we took a group photo of the dolls was eight years ago, in the old factory, for TPE dolls. Irontech Doll used to hire different photographers to take individual photos of silicone dolls, but we never taken a large group photo with three or more silicone dolls. Why not do it this year, CEO Leonard thought? That’s the original intention behind organizing this large-scale photo shoot event.

The journey of villa photography

It was fortunate that the weather was excellent throughout the four-day photoshoot. The villa exceeded our expectations. There are multiple functional areas both indoors and outdoors, with spacious surroundings that meet the requirements for group photos. Additionally, the house has floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides, providing ample natural light that beautifully captures the appearance of the dolls.

After unpacking, 25 dolls are temporarily placed next to the pool table, lining up and waiting for their shining moment.

For this photo shoot, we also placed special emphasis on interaction with fans. Throughout the entire event, we updated the shooting content daily on various social media and The Doll Forum to receive real-time feedback. Among several dolls, the following two received the most appreciation.

Blonde hair love doll Yeona

Yeona has a delicate and small face, which matches the 162cm minus body perfectly. This is the first time Yeona has blonde hair, and it suits her! In a bathroom setting, utilizing water flow can add a sensual and artistic dimension to doll photography. Water can enhance the play of light in the photos. Droplets of water can catch and reflect light, creating interesting and dynamic visual effects.

Eileen in the sun

The second day sunlight was abundant, and Eileen’s dark-tanned skin looked particularly attractive in the sunshine. Natural light tends to be more flattering and accurate, showcasing Eileen’s features in a way that closely resembles how she would appear in real life.

Irontech Doll Christmas group shoot

CEO Leonard personally decorated the Christmas doll photo shoot venue. “We are the first mover to hold a huge doll carnival for a better artistic understanding of the love doll!” Leonard said with excitement.

“When we complete all the arrangements, there’s an incredible atmosphere that arises, where you can feel the vibrant artistic expression of love, peace, and emotions. I can’t resist joining the scene to capture this significant moment. It’s a moment that belongs to our entire team! This will undoubtedly be a milestone for our brand!”

Very attractive and sensual scene. when you check every dolls and the small interactions scene,you will be just like in the mood.

Finally, we would also like to thank the three photographers who brought us many doll photos in just a few days. Want to know more about the doll photography? Stay tuned to part two. We will release the photographer interview soon!

The advantages of using the love doll as a model

Using a sex doll as a model for photography can have certain advantages:


Sex dolls remain static and consistent in their appearance, allowing photographers to control lighting, angles, and poses without dealing with a human subject’s potential fatigue or changing expressions.


Sex dolls are always available for photo shoots, eliminating the need to schedule and coordinate with human models who may have busy or conflicting schedules.

Posing Practice

Photographers can use sex dolls to practice and experiment with different poses, lighting setups, and compositions without the time constraints or potential discomfort that may arise when working with human models.

Artistic Expression

Some photographers may find that using a sex doll as a model allows for a unique and unconventional form of artistic expression, challenging societal norms and expectations.

Controlled Environment

Photographers have complete control over the environment when using a sex doll as a model, which can be especially beneficial when experimenting with specific lighting conditions or stylized settings.

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