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  • How To Choose A Realistic Sex Doll

    How To Choose A Realistic Sex Doll

    Nowadays, the stigma surrounding them is starting to disappear. There are now more options than ever before, and choosing a realistic sex doll can be a bit challenging. According to the increasing popularity of these love dolls, many manufacturers have developed full-siz...
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  • 4 Sex Doll Trends You Should Pay Attention To In 2023

    4 Sex Doll Trends You Should Pay Attention To In 2023

    It seems that the days when sex dolls were usually hidden away in the bedroom were gone. Today, sex dolls are proudly displayed on the main social media platforms. Even their function has changed. For some consumers, these dolls have evolved from being just sex objects t...
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  • Mechanical Robot Sex Doll

    Mechanical Robot Sex Doll

    What comes to mind when we talk about robots? Science, high technology, and service to humanity. Robots already build our cars, clean our homes and prepare our food, all of which affect...
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  • Irontechdoll Gel Breasts/Butt

    Irontechdoll Gel Breasts/Butt

    Customizing the softness of breasts and butt has become popular among sex doll lovers. The gel-filled part makes a sex doll closer to a real body. This blog answers some most asked questions about the Irontechdoll gel option. Can I customize the softness of gel breasts/b...
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  • Irontechdoll-Anti Fake Code

    Irontechdoll-Anti Fake Code

    To ensure that our customers have the best possible experience when it comes to buying a sex doll, we have added an anti-fake system to the Irontechdoll official website. The purpose of this anti-fake system is to protect Irontechdoll's brand and reputation. And most imp...
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  • Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping Explained

    Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping Explained

    Hi everyone. We launched Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping in early 2022, while some customers are still confused with this service. Here we explain it specifically.   What is Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping? Delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping is a type of delivery w...
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  • Irontech Male Doll on Sex Show

    Irontech Male Doll on Sex Show

    Irontechdoll's authorized reseller SEX DOLL CANADA restarted The Everything To Do With Sex Show, on Oct 14-16, 2022, after a three years suspension.   The Everything To Do With Sex Show provides an upscale adult playgrou...
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  • Standing Feet Without Bolts

    Standing Feet Without Bolts

    Have you ever wondered if there is some way to keep your silicone love doll standing without the bolt?    For some reason, you might not prefer what the bolts look like. Or you're worried that the long time duration of standing might damage your beloved sex doll. Mo...
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  • Documentary-About Irontechdoll

    Documentary-About Irontechdoll

    Many of you may not have heard of "Irontechdoll", but through this, we hope to introduce ourselves to you in a way that will allow you to identify with us and differentiate ourselves from the competition.   The origin of Irontechdoll can be traced back to 2015. We starte...
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  • The Sex Doll Hanging Stand

    The Sex Doll Hanging Stand

    Society slowly accepts the existence of sex dolls, and a lot of people already own one. An excellent choice for someone who is looking for something a little more fun in bed is a sex doll. These lifelike sex dolls are a source of excitement and satisfaction, and they can...
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    SALÓN ERÓTICO BARCELONA hosted a regular event from 16th Jun to 19th Jun, promoting fellowship and communication. Silicone torso Monica and 150cm TPE doll from Irontechdoll took part in this event.  Monica is one of our latest silicone torsos. Height 95cm and weight unde...
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  • TPE Big Ass: Super Realistic Makeup And Improvement

    TPE Big Ass: Super Realistic Makeup And Improvement

    Buying a TPE big ass is a good idea. Not everyone prefers full-size love dolls. Sometimes we just don't have a lot of time to maintain them. Moreover, we might not have extra space to store them, and is not well to hide them from your wife and your kids. If you are inter...
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