Brief review of Irontechdoll new silicone factory and deep insights of their business value

Irontechdoll, founded in 2016, devoted to create realistic soulful love dolls that will touch customers. During the start-up phase, Irontechdoll has been fulfilling the development gaps in the industry, such as improper body proportion, inaccurate LHP, unrealistic details, bad touch feeling, non-flexible skeleton etc. To meet the diversified needs of doll lovers, we always work and invest on product development. Our product line covers starter series, standard TPE sex doll and super realistic silicone series. To satisfy high-end needs better, we set up another manufacturing base only for silicone sex doll, ie super realistic series.

Silicone Doll Factory Introduction

Irontechdoll manufacturing base for silicone sex doll covering an area of up to 1,800 square meters, divided into R&D, sculpture, injection department, makeup painting department, QC, Marketing department and shipping team. All departments are organized according to their function, closely cooperating and strictly monitoring each other. We have top level R&D team, focusing on the original design, dedicate ourselves into creating soulful love dolls. Imported platinum silicone material enjoys non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly performance and guarantees comfortable and worriless use for each customer. Exquisite craftsmanship and a strict quality control system make our silicone sex doll more realistic, high-end and artistic looking. Therefore great recognition are received from customers worldwide. Irontechdoll will inject continuous efforts to provide better and service to our dropshipping, bulk ordering and OEM/ODM partner. We warmly welcome clients to visit us for further communication.

Design&Sculpture Team

Our designers and sculptures were all graduated from top-level Arts Institute and are capable with riched experience and futuristic views. With wax sculpture exquisite craftsmanship, the artist team build the doll in life-size ratio and perfect details.

Doll Skeleton Department

Our doll skeletons are made of stainless steel and accurate durable accessories. All the skeletons are fully customized by our factory based on the customers’ feedbacks and requests. Each skeleton has the human like ration and joints. And we customize the tightness of each joints based on customers interaction with dolls. All our work on this will enable customers to use the dolls smoothly and durably.


With wax painting craftsmanship, the artists paint realistic vein and skin pores and textures on silicone doll, which offers amazing touch and visual pleasure.

Make up

The doll face makeup is designed by professional makeup artists. All the makeup are forever lasting and 100% same as commercial photos. This tallies with our company’s business value as well.

The eyebrow and eyelashes are all done by skillful manual implanting.

The lips are with realistic sexy structure. Supreme painting skills recreates the real skin color and body details. Both feet&hands and other important areas like, knees, areola, vagina, anus, elbows, navels, etc enjoy great details, making the doll as realistic and soulful as possible.


A professional photography studio support high quality photos and videos, we are always interacting with consumers to create more fancy shooting. We promise all our dolls pictures are not a Photoshop artifact, but what the doll actually looks like. This also tallies with our business value, being honest and passionate.

QC&Shipping Department

After production, we take photos and video for the customer to double check and ship after confirmation. To ensure worldwide safe delivery, we use high-quality cartons with seven layers of board paper. Inside packing we use sleeping bag, EPE foam and bubble bag to fix and protect doll.


Our silicone sex doll can be customized with gel breasts and butts, which is more realistic touch feeling.

Heating and smart voicing can meet diversified clients’meet. Removable eyes, body weight-reduction is the default option for silicone dolls. Other more functions will be developed as well. Please contact for more information.


Silicone sex doll are all with high-end accessories, high-end wig. Implanted hair is with high fedelity human-like hair. Upgraded gift kits include comb, heating rod, drying rod, sexy lingerie, flusher.

We know that there will be no stop for pursuing customers  satisfaction. Irontechdoll will keep go foward with passion and hard work all the time. It is the business value that keep supporting us. Here below are the details.

Mission: Specializes in Love doll industry, and keep inject full passion and continuous endeavor into creating soulful love dolls with high cost performance.Vision: Being customer-oriented, Irontechdoll to be the top-level samples in the industry!

Vision: Being customer-oriented, Irontechdoll endeavors to be the top-level samples in the industry!

Our value: Honesty, Innovation, Passion, Open

Honesty: Be honest to customers, business partners and team members all the time! Pursuit sustainable and mutual development.

Innovation: Be innovative towards products, design, service! Try to move forward day by day!

Passion: Indulge ourselves into customers’ request. Endeavor to create soulful love dolls that will touch customers!

Open: Respect, absorb and change!

We hope we can work together, grow together and serve all the customers better and better together with all our partners. Welcome to join us in this long beautiful journey!

Irontechdoll Sex Doll Safety Tips-Are Sex Dolls Safe For Humans?


The sex doll industry has seen tremendous growth in the recent past considering the dark past that was there initially. Not only were these pleasure dolls regarded a taboo, but there was also some stigma associated with talking about the topic in public. However, people have come to embrace the dolls and the skyrocketing number of sales worldwide is an indication of societal acceptance of these amazing dolls. Actually, the sex doll popularity is greatly attributed to Howard Stern’s who in the 1990’s ordered a realistic sex doll and actually had sex with it on air. At a time when air sex dolls were facing strong criticism, Howard’s bravery act highly influenced the overall acceptance of these amazing sexual aids.

With Howard Stern pioneering the acquisition of realistic sex dolls, these pleasure dolls have been modified from simple inflated dolls to human-like silicone and TPE sex dolls. We get asked this question daily that how realistic are sex dolls? The dolls have been improved over the years and can now maintain a conversation with you. Amazing. Right? Well, the dolls have been encrypted with special intelligence capabilities that enable them to respond to different situations appropriately.

The numerous benefits of sex dolls cannot be overlooked
They are an ideal alternative to relationships considering their numerous advantages over women.

They provide an amazing way to bring back lost intimacy with your partner in the bedroom without necessarily having to cheat on your partner.

For people who have gone through terrible experiences in relationships, the sex doll can be used as an acclimatization step towards getting back into the dating world.

The doll remains a virgin and untouched till that day you buy her. This makes them 100% safe from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)
The sex doll is completely submissive and ready for you making it loyal and submissive than women (who doesn’t want that?)
The dolls also come in different sizes and shapes to meet the varying needs of the wide market. They also come with inscribed movable joints that make them extra flexible for you.

Having gone through the promising progress of the sex doll industry and the numerous benefits that the dolls possess, we cannot overlook the health and safety aspect. This is probably the most important consideration and factor that should form the basis of your decision of whether or not to buy a realistic sex doll.

How To Stay Safe When Using A Sex Doll
The three main health and safety considerations that you should take into account are; the quality of the product, the design and the materials used to make the doll. The sex doll industry is well regulated and so it’s utterly important for you to be aware of what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for a sex doll. Ensure that you buy from a reputable store preferably one that offers warranties on their products. Additionally, look out for consumer reviews and pick a thing on the quality of the seller (this always works).

With sex toys, it is advisable to spend a bit more money and acquire products made from silicone and TPE materials. Both materials do not cause any harm or irritation to the human skin and can easily be cleaned and disinfected without affecting the quality of the toy in the long run. Even more amazing, both silicone and TPE materials are hypo allergic, meaning that while using products made from them, there is no possibility of skin irritation or illness.

The inscribed skeleton that supports the toy is completely padded and frail so as to avoid causing any injury to you when having sex. The sex toy is completely safe to have sex with the extensive quality assurance test over the years confirming so. However, considering that silicone human doll come in carrying shapes and sizes, it is advisable to avoid using your back to lift heavy toys as this can cause back problems.

How Much a Irontech Sex Doll Cost?


If you’re interested in buying a sex doll then you must be looking for different kinds and prices of sex dolls online. This is one of the most searched questions when it comes to buying a sex doll because there are so many options out there that people often get confused about which one they should buy for maximum pleasure. If you’re new to this and looking to buy your first sex doll, you have to be patient when making your final decision so you don’t regret it when the final product arrives.

When it comes to the pricing of sex dolls, there are so many factors that come into play. It totally depends on how much pleasure you want. The more realistic and sexual pleasure you need, the more price you’re going to pay in order to get your hands on your sex doll. Before jumping straight to the prices, let us talk about the key factors that affect how much is a sex doll.

4 Factors That Affect The Price Of A Sex Doll

At first, people think that buying a sex doll is a pretty easy task. They just have to explore all the categories, select the one that turns them on, and pay for it so that they can get their hands on their new sex doll in a few days. But there is way more to it than that, there is so much to choose from! With their popularity increasing all over the world, designs and options are also increasing to cater the demand.

Nowadays, it’s not just the looks that you should see before buying a new sex doll, there are several other factors that affect the price of the love doll.

Type and Quality of Material
Not all sex dolls are made using the same type and quality of the material. The cheaper sex dolls are made using rubber and heavy latex whereas the modern ones are produced using high-quality silicon and TPE material. Not only the price depends on the type of material but quantity as well. For example; the slim and less curvy sex dolls are a bit cheaper than the ones with bigger tits and asses because more material is used in the making of these silicon sex dolls. The same is the case with small and tall sex dolls, a tall doll simply has to imitate more skin surface than a small one.

Size of the Doll
Sex dolls come in different shapes and sizes. Generally, people think that the larger the sex doll, the higher the price they have to pay but there are much more factors that come to play. Size not only relates to height but to weight as well.

For newbies, it’s a good idea to think about your own weight, height and strength before making your final decision. This will help to ensure that you can carry and maneuver the doll, as needed, and having fun is not awkward. This is the reason why fully life-like sex dolls are much more expensive than smaller ones containing only body parts and no face.

Detail and Realism
This is one of the top factors that affect how much a sex doll will cost. The love dolls made of rubber and heavy latex are cheaper than the ones made of silicon and TPE materials because of the amount of detail that goes into building a lifelike silicon sex doll.

The cheaper ones don’t really look and feel like a real human but get the job done. When it comes to building a silicon sex doll, professional sculptors and painters are employed to create molds, models and lifelike body parts, such as; eyes and genitalia. Not all parts of the sex doll are produced in a high quantity, they need to be at least partly handmade. Much time and effort is spent by the manufacturers on ensuring that she looks real, and this will cost you.

Technical Features
If you just want to bust a nut and don’t really care about the technical features then you might get along with a cheaper sex doll but if you want more advanced options that will give you the best orgasm of your life then you’ve to pay a price for that extra fun.

Realistic life-like silicon sex dolls are equipped with technological advances, such as; body heat, the ability to move and speak, moan, and much more. If you want to include these optional features, you can expect to pay a higher price.

What Are The Different Price Ranges Of Sex Dolls?

Due to a wide range of sex doll companies, there are a lot of options available in the market for every pocket. No matter what your budget is, you’ll always find the best doll for your needs.

Entry-Level Sex Dolls
Sex dolls starting from $300 to $1000 are the best option for people who are just getting started and looking to buy their first sex doll. They are not as realistic as compared to the expensive ones but offer everything you need to get a significant amount of pleasure. If you want to experience the fun and pleasure of a sex doll, entry-level dolls are a great choice but they are made of low-quality material and have a very short life span (1-2 years).

Mostly, these entry-level dolls are small and lightweight. The amount of detail is very low but they are easy to handle and kept in a secret place. These dolls will give you an idea of what you can expect from an expensive doll.

Mid-Range Sex Dolls
In $1000 to $3000 price range, you can get a mid-range sex doll that not only looks and feels much more amazing than the cheaper one but also is able to give you an outstanding orgasm every time. The quality of these dolls is much better and you’ll also get many customization options so you can change various body parts whenever you want to spice things up.

They have a longer lifespan (2-3 years) and available in a wide range of options. These mid-range sex dolls are breathtakingly beautiful but when you look closely you will notice that these dolls are not near perfection yet.

High-End Sex Dolls
We have now come to the end of the line. The most expensive sex dolls can start from $3000 and go up to a whopping $10,000, even more than that! If you are looking for a non-human, but a sexual, companion in life then this is where you should be looking. These dolls are not just for sex, they are so much more. The details of their full-sized bodies make them nothing less than works of art, masterpieces really. If you want a doll that resembles a real woman more than any other then you have lots of options here. Big boobs, small boobs, firm ass, athletic body, hourglass-shaped body, Japanese or Blonde, whatever you find attractive, you will find in this price range.

We guarantee that if you buy a high-end sex doll, you’ll get your dream woman and fulfil your biggest fantasies.

Why Should I Choose Silicone Sex Doll?


Sex dolls come to you in many colors, shapes, and made of different materials. You will realize that when you are placing your sex doll offer, you are going to be asked to choose between silicone and TPE materials for your sex doll. Silicone and TPE are both refined plastic materials that have been developed over the years using superior quality chemical components; no wonder they feel and look like real skin. So, if you are wondering why you should pick on the silicone sex dolls, the good side and bad side of silicone, as well as what you need to do to ensure your sex doll remains in great shape, read on.

Characteristic of Silicone Sex Dolls

Sex dolls made from silicone are as realistic as can be. They are as close as possible to feel like the human woman would. They are of the appropriate size and come in different colors, body sizes, and heights for you to pick from. You are allowed to customize your sex doll appropriately according to your desire.

The Good Side

Silicone sex dolls are hypoallergenic.

This means that the sex dolls are made from materials that are less reactive with human skin. As such, expect no allergies out of using a silicone sex doll even with unprotected sex.
Silicone sex dolls have a more realistic feel than any other dolls.

For men, sex has to be through the orifices, and silicone sex dolls just made it easier for you. The materials used in making the anus and vagina are of superior quality, and hence make the points feel as real as a normal vagina or anus.

Silicone sex dolls can be sterilized during cleaning.

The materials used in making the silicone sex dolls are strong, firm, sturdy, and resistant to heat. Silicone sex dolls are easy to sterilize in extremely hot water to kill germs and sterilize them. That is why it is extremely easy to sell off a silicone sex doll to another person even after it has been used.

Silicone sex dolls will give you more than just sex.

Silicone sex dolls have a high heat retention rate, and as such, you can warm her prior to having sex with her, and she will still be warm and ready for you when you want her.
Silicone sex dolls are easier to clean compared to all other sex doll types.

The skin is strong and wiping it is okay without worrying if you will create dents in it.
The materials for silicone sex dolls are resistant to staining and dyes.

If you have a silicone sex doll, feel free to dress her in any cloth color without fear that she will get stained from the color or dye. This is a plus as it means caring for the silicone sex doll is quite easy.

The Flip Side
Silicone sex dolls are the more expensive option for many people. This s because the process of manufacturing and building the dolls is quite involving, and also because silicone itself is a costly material.

The skin might feel realistic, but silicone sex dolls tend to be sticky on touch, especially after being cleaned. This is because of the nature of the silicone material. However, this can be fixed by rubbing away the stickiness using the soft baby powder you purchased for her.

Silicone sex dolls are a little thicker and denser on touch. If you touch other sex doll types like TPE, silicone does not feel just as soft. Maybe that is why it is so resistant to heat.
Since it is not as soft as other types of sex dolls, when having sex with her, the boobs and butts do not woggle when you rock her back and forth as they would with other sex doll materials. If you want a sight to behold, you should reconsider having the silicone sex doll.
Why Should You Choose Silicone Sex Dolls?

The right question here would be why you are buying a sex doll and what you are going to use her for. First, do you plan to take hot baths with her in the tub or not? Do you want to dress her up freely in any colored clothes? Are you turned on by looks and touch? What is your budget range and how much can you spend on maintaining her?

Silicone sex dolls are easy to maintain, and it is one reason you should choose them. The initial cost may be high, but you need to realize that you may not spend a dime servicing her, meaning that it is worth the while. You should also choose silicone sex dolls because you can take hot baths with her without messing up her body and skin. Choose a silicone sex doll too if you are a colorful person because silicone does not stick on colors and dyes to its skin. But there are cases where you cannot choose a silicone sex doll; if you are turned on by sight and touch.

The silicone sex doll may not be the best for visual stimulation as well as contact, because their softness is relative as is their flexibility. If you enjoy having sex in multiple, crazy, and extreme sex positions, silicone is a no for you as it cannot overly stretch out to meet those needs. Silicone sex dolls are a good choice for you if the above applies to you. If not, feel to move on to the next sex doll type.

The reasons why you should choose silicone sex dolls are many, but you may have to read through entirely before deciding whether it is what you want. Most sex doll vendor websites have all the silicone materials’ good side and bad side so that you have access to the information before you buy the dolls. Whether you want a silicone sex doll or a TPE sex doll, will depend on you, and what you want with the doll. All we can assure you is that both of them feel great.



The world as we know it is changing rapidly. The mobile phones we use today are more powerful than the desktop computers we used a few years ago, and cars can drive themselves. Our gift really sounds like something from science fiction. But this is not all that has changed.

The sex toy industry has also undergone tremendous changes. Sex toys and sex dolls are more realistic than ever. In the past few years, more and more people have begun to buy full-size sex dolls to meet their most lustful needs.

The problem with real dolls is that they are not cheap. This is a big investment consideration, unless you don’t care whether you are satisfied with the purchase. Different manufacturers use different materials, so you should also take this into consideration.

Find the most beautiful sex doll
If you have never owned a real sex doll, you should take a moment to decide if you want one. There are many sex doll manufacturers in the world that provide customers with a variety of personalized sex dolls. Some companies provide models that cannot be customized, while others provide on-demand dolls customized for each customer. These customized sex dolls are much more expensive, but they provide more features.

Investing in a realistic sex doll should represent the realization of a certain fantasy. Many sex doll companies provide models based on the sexiest and most beautiful porn stars today. Take the time to choose an ideal and your investment will be rewarded because you will enjoy every moment with your new partner.

Make sure you know what you are looking for
When it comes to sex dolls, they come in many shapes and sizes. The more you understand what excites you, the easier it will be to choose the right manufacturer and the right model for you. The manufacturer of custom sex dolls offers you the possibility to choose race, race, hair color, eye color, bust size, waist size, lip size, etc. You can choose male, female, or even mixed!

Deciding your budget is also an important thing, especially because the price of sex dolls can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the level and size of customization.

Can only be purchased from a certified seller or directly from the manufacturer
One of the biggest problems people face is that if they order sex dolls online, it is not certain what they will get. Nowadays, you can order your favorite sex dolls from thousands of websites, but not all sellers can provide the high-quality sex dolls they advertise. This leads to a lot of trust issues, because people hear that others have spent a lot of money to buy low-quality sex dolls, and they can’t really use them.
If you search for real buyer reviews and do some research on specific manufacturers, you will quickly realize which websites are safe and which are not. Although you will spend more time searching for suitable items, you can rest assured that you will get the exact same sex doll you ordered instead of low-quality substitutes.

Consider storage before ordering
This is one of the things most people forget before deciding to order sex dolls. Realistic sex dolls can be life-size, and if you don’t have enough space to store them properly, this may be a problem. When someone walks over, there is a full-size sex doll lying next to you. This is not what you want to experience, because people can be very picky. The weight of sex dolls also needs to be considered, as these dolls can be quite heavy. If you have difficulty carrying or moving heavy objects, you can choose a partial doll.

Thermoplastic elastomer or silicone-it depends on you
Most sex dolls are made from one of two materials. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is no right or wrong. TPE sex dolls are more flexible, softer to the touch, and more affordable, but they are more difficult to clean and maintain. On the other hand, silicone dolls look more realistic, but they feel less soft and have a very strange jitter. Depending on your expectations, you need to choose between the two. Silicone sex dolls are also a bit expensive, but they are very simple to clean and maintain.

Unfortunately, this is a matter of material selection, but we believe that there will be new materials or combinations to improve the look and feel of quality dolls.

Other things to remember
Sex dolls are completely different from the sex toys you often hear. Sex dolls require regular maintenance and special cleaning methods. Moving from one place to another can be a nightmare. If you don’t have free rooms in your home, storing them is also a big challenge.

Many people tried to heat the sex dolls, thus damaging them. The biggest problem with sex dolls is that they are very cold and do not have any heating system. Because of this, many people try shower sex to keep the doll warm, but it will eventually cause bigger problems. Each sex doll has its limitations. Depending on the material used, it can withstand a high temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius without any damage. If you end up getting the sex doll wet, make sure to dry it completely before moving it back to the warehouse. By doing so, you will eliminate all possibilities of bacteria and mold attaching to your valuable property.


full silicone sex doll

Most sex doll owners don’t want anyone to know that there is a sex doll hidden in their rooms. Because our society tends to turn what they don’t know into a taboo, and unfortunately, sex dolls are one of them.

These preconceptions don’t mean sex dolls are wrong or even weird for that matter, people are just not used to them and don’t know how to react. In this blog, we will teach you how to hide your sex doll from the public eye within the home.

Under the Bed
The most common area for sex dolls hiding is under the bed. It is a private place, and rarely people would look up things under the bed as they would in the closets. You can store your doll in an appropriate box or suitcase by wrapping her up in the cotton muslin bags. Of course, you can place other cases or items under your bed to confuse those who are looking under your bed.

Sex Doll Flight Case
The flight case is the best storage option for your sex doll. After all, the manufacturers are the ones who know how to store sex dolls without causing any harm or defects. It can protect your sex doll from dust, excess light, high humidity, and other things that might contaminate it. Just slide in your sex doll into the flight case, and store away appropriately.

In Your Closet
With sex doll hanging racks, you can hang your doll in a suspended upright posture with no contact on any surface. This needs a hidden space, such as your closet. You can put a lock on the door to the closet and nobody will ever know what’s in it!

Be sure that your closet rod can handle the weight of the doll. Most full-size dolls, without the head, still weigh in excess of 25-51kg. Keep in mind that the head must be removed to suspend the body.

Sex Doll Shipping Box
Sex dolls are delivered in large discreet packaging and that can be used as a storage box. You need to wrap the sex doll in a soft white blanket (white-colored blankets won’t stain the doll) and place it in the box. Normally, you can put the box under the bed or in the closet. Please don’t forget to put other storage boxes alongside it to confuse anyone rummaging through your items.

Locked Travel / ATA Case
If you can’t store the doll in a closet, Travel/ATA cases are also one of the best ways to hide your doll. These cases have wheels, handles, and most importantly, a lock!

A spare room
Just put a lock on the door, and any spare room(utility room or the basement) can be used as a storage place. Few people would suspect that you have hidden a lovely full-size sex doll in the utility room or the basement. However, it’s a huge challenge to carry the entire box from room to room without anyone seeing you or noticing.

In plain sight
Perhaps you could get your doll dressed and just keep it in plain sight in a mannequin posture.