Irontech Doll Hybrid Series Sex Doll
Hybrid Series

New Arrival: 162 cm TPE Sex Doll with Realistic Skin Texture

The Hybrid Series sex doll opens up possibilities for those seeking the perfect fusion of aesthetics and tactile sensations. The lifelike silicone head and soft TPE body create a captivating sensory experience.Combining these two materials brings people closer to fulfilling their deepest fantasies and desires.It also creates a stronger sense of intimacy and connection.This groundbreaking series combines the best of both categories:a hyper-realistic silicone head and a tantalizing soft TPE body.The silicone head’s detailed face blends smoothly with the soft body made of TPE.This enhances the experience to a higher level of satisfaction.

How to maintain a Hybrid Sex Doll?

Maintenance is crucial for preserving the pristine condition of your doll.

Although short-term contact between silicone and TPE materials is generally safe, avoiding prolonged contact is advisable.

Extended exposure may cause the TPE to become greasy and alter its texture.

To maintain the doll’s beauty, it’s important to detach the silicone head from the TPE body periodically.

Check the TPE material for any signs of oiling or changes, and if any are found, promptly separate the head from the body.

When detaching the head, handle it with care to prevent unnecessary stress.

Use mild soap and warm water to clean the silicone head and the TPE body gently.

Once cleaned, thoroughly dry both parts before reattaching the head to the body for future use.