silicone head+tpe body
Silicone Head + TPE Body

New Arrival: 162 cm TPE Sex Doll with Realistic Skin Texture

Hard to decide which sex doll materials are in your favour? These hybrid sex dolls offer the best combination. The durability and realism of Irontech Doll silicone heads are excellent. With a silicone head, you enjoy a more realistic face and makeup; implanted hair and eyebrows are available. Here are our Hybrid sex Dolls with silicone heads and TPE bodies.

Hybrid Series Sex Doll

Discover our collection of hybrid sex dolls featuring a silicone head and TPE body for the ultimate combination of hyper-realism and softness.Irontech Doll offers two silicone head options: soft with an oral tunnel and hard without.Each doll has permanent makeup and a wig, and implanted hair is available for an additional cost.If you can’t find the perfect hybrid sex doll, contact us, and we’ll help you create a customized doll that meets your every desire.

Silicone Head + TPE Body maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your doll in pristine condition.While short-term contact between these two materials is safe, avoiding prolonged contact between the silicone and the TPE body is recommended.Prolonged exposure may cause the TPE to become greasy and may change its texture.To maintain the doll’s beauty, periodically separate the silicone head from the TPE body.Check the TPE material for any signs of oiling or changes, and if found, separate it immediately.When separating the head from the body, do so with care to avoid unnecessary stress.Use mild soap and warm water to clean the silicone tip and TPE body separately to ensure a gentle clean.After cleaning, dry it thoroughly before reattaching the head to the body when using it again.

Why Irontech Doll?

Irontech Doll was founded in 2015 by Zhongshan Junteng Yichuang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.
With over 7 years of factory experience in manufacturing TPE and Silicone sex dolls and sex doll torsos, we are dedicated to creating the most realistic and life-like sex dolls with Iron-like quality.
As a leading sex doll manufacturer, we have top-level R&D teams with advanced equipment and production lines.
Our dedicated professionals in customer service strive to deliver prompt and responsive pre-sales and after-sales support to our valued partners.