tpe sex doll
TPE Sex Doll

TPE sex dolls are often more affordable than other types of sex dolls. Don't hesitate and get your own Irontech Doll TPE sex doll today. Irontech Doll is committed to providing the best sexual experience with its lifelike TPE sex doll. Our TPE sex dolls are made from medical-grade materials and are designed to have sexy bodies. They are incredibly soft to the touch and feel natural when touched. Each TPE sex doll has a metal skeleton that enables it to move and be placed in various poses. With its lifelike features, it will provide you with an unforgettable sexual experience.

Advantages of using TPE sex doll

  • Soft and elastic texture, providing a very life-like touch. It is more realistic.
  • The cost of TPE material is lower than silicone. Therefore TPE sex dolls are more affordable than silicone.
  • With good elasticity, TPE sex dolls can be stretched 6 to 10 times. Tear resistance is better, and the touch is closer to real people than silicone.
  • Super-realistic and soft to the touch. Breasts and buttocks will wobble when you rock your doll back and forth.
  • Can retain warmth.
  • Low allergenicity.
  • Compatibility with water-based and silicon-based lubricants. You can use any lube (water-based, Silicone, etc.)
  • If maintained right, the TPE sex doll will last longer.
  • The material is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Affordable sex dolls

TPE sex dolls are cheaper than silicone models, as the material is less expensive.They are affordable for beginners.The low cost doesn’t mean poor quality.The skin made from TPE is much softer than silicone and feels more like a natural person.As its full name-thermoplastic elastomer, shows, TPE is more resilient than silicone.

Why choose Irontech Doll?

Irontech Doll was founded in 2015 by Zhongshan Junteng Yichuang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.With over 7 years of factory experience in manufacturing TPE and Silicone sex dolls and sex doll torsos, we are dedicated to creating the most realistic and life-like sex dolls with Iron-like quality.As a leading sex doll manufacturer, we have top-level R&D teams with advanced equipment and production lines.Our dedicated professionals in customer service strive to deliver prompt and responsive pre-sales and after-sales support to our valued partners.