Doll Reviewers

Due to the high value and quality of our products, (and the high number of inquiries received from interested parties), we’ve created a selective process for choosing our testers and reviewers. If you’re a doll enthusiasts, collector, forum or website owner and would like to get involved, please provide us with the requested information below. After which we will carefully review all submissions and reach out to selected candidates.

Product Tester / Reviewer Criteria

  1. We prioritize individuals who have a proven track record of reviewing similar high-end products. Please share any relevant experience or links to your previous reviewseither written or in video format.
  2. We look for reviewers who have a significant and engaged audience that aligns with our target market. Information on audience size, demographics, and engagement metrics would be helpful.
  3. High-quality, thorough, and honest reviews are essential. Samples of your work or links to your most popular reviews will give us an idea of your reviewing style and quality.
  4. We value professionalism and integrity in our reviewers. Candidate must provide any references or testimonials from previous collaborations.