Irontech Doll at the 25th Guangzhou Adult Culture Expo

From November 3rd to November 5th, the 25th National (Guangzhou) Adult Culture Expo 2023 will be held in Guangzhou with grandeur. During this event, our company will showcase three major brands— Irontech Doll, Sigafun, and Real Lady, along with various popular products. Together with brands worldwide, we aim to provide consumers with an international, eye-catching, sincere, and diverse product selection. This expo promises to be a professional feast of “scenery” and a confident display of our strong technical foundation and outstanding innovation capabilities to consumers worldwide.

Flagship Brand - Irontech Doll

Our flagship brand, Irontech Doll, has already gained international recognition due to its high-quality standards for foreign trade exports, a wide range of head and body styles, and exceptional craftsmanship. It has dominated cross-border e-commerce platforms for several years and has garnered a large following worldwide. In addition to showcasing a variety of highly acclaimed love dolls at this exhibition, we will also present silicone dolls of different skin tones, such as natural, tanned, dark tanned, and black skin tones, allowing people to explore and find their true love. 

The upgraded series of dolls with TPE body painting, as well as male dolls, will also make their debut, allowing consumers to immerse themselves in the technical prowess and heartfelt craftsmanship of Irontech Doll. Furthermore, the newly released silicone bodies in sizes 163cm, 167cm, and 169cm and the ROS head with oral function will also be showcased, providing every visitor with a firsthand appreciation of the delightful possibilities of new technologies.

Real Lady is a brand we launched in 2023, specializing in high-end silicone realistic sex dolls. Shortly after its launch, its popularity rapidly rose and has continued to grow. Many buyers are eager to place orders to experience it firsthand. Real Lady Love dolls not only replicate body proportions on a one-to-one scale but also pay meticulous attention to materials, skeletons, and replicated skin details. This is to ensure that the product accompanies users like a real person, forming a warm emotional connection with them in their daily lives. At this exhibition, we will also bring 2-3 models of Real Lady 170cm realistic love doll to the scene, allowing users to feel the power and the captivating charm of them truly.

Sub-brand Sigafun focuses on silicone sex doll torsos and is a professional brand developed over much research and development. It has attracted the eyes of channel partners and end-users from many countries in previous exhibitions.At this exhibition, Sigafun’s silicone torso sex dolls and other products will be presented for potential users to examine the highly realistic details closely. The newly upgraded vagina clamp & suck function will also be shown.

After years of dedicated cultivation, our brand matrix has gradually matured. The three major brands, Irontech Doll, Sigafun, and Real Lady, have established their systems. With forward-looking market insights and precise category positioning, they provide a one-stop solution to meet the unique aesthetic and companionship needs of different consumers, benefiting a wider audience. They have also emerged from our company’s innovative research and development and patent breakthroughs, continuously pushing the comfort, realism, and experiential aspects of emotional companion dolls to new heights in a diverse range of products. This synergy drives the continuous iteration of our company’s technology.

Here, we cordially invite friends worldwide to visit our booth at A6, 1st floor, Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, Pazhou, Guangzhou. Experience the craftsmanship we have always upheld in the outstanding product details, and feel the pleasure and awe in the intricately crafted products as exquisite as works of art. Your visit will be well worth it, and we guarantee your satisfaction!

From November 3rd to November 5th, see you there!

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