Sex Doll Shipping

What’s the sex doll shipping cost?

The cost of sex doll shipping depends on the shipping option selected, the destination, the weight and size of your package.

You can contact us if you want to knoe the exact shipping cost.

sex doll shipping

How long does it take to receive my order once it has shipped?

The time it takes to receive an order once it has shipped will depend on the shipping option selected, the destination of the package, and any customs or import processes required.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. We will provide a tracking number or link to track the shipment of your order. Please contact your supplier for shipping progress, or You can send us an email( to check the status of the delivery or check yourselves on the specific express official website.

What do I do if my shipment is lost or damaged in transit?

If your shipment is lost or damaged in transit, you should contact us as soon as possible to report the issue. We are able to assist you in filing a claim with the shipping carrier or taking other solutions to resolve the issue.