Becoming an Agent for Irontech Doll

Are you passionate about intimacy, innovation, and enhancing personal experiences? If so, becoming an agent for Irontech Doll might be the perfect opportunity for you. As an agent, you’ll have the chance to connect with customers seeking high-quality, realistic adult love dolls that redefine the boundaries of pleasure and companionship. Join us in bringing satisfaction and joy to individuals’ lives worldwide.

Our brand is renowned for its unwavering commitment to impeccable craftsmanship, pioneering innovation, and steadfast customer satisfaction. By aligning yourself with us, you will personify a reputable and trusted name within the industry. Our extensive assortment of lifelike adult dolls is meticulously designed to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring broad and encompassing market appeal.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality love dolls, we are excited to offer an opportunity for you to join us and help us expand our reach globally. In this article, we will guide you through becoming our agent and the benefits that come with it.

Why Select Us?

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Quality

At the heart of Irontech Doll’s reputation lies our unwavering commitment to crafting dolls of unparalleled quality. Renowned for our attention to detail and lifelike appearance, Irontech Doll’s creations set a high standard in the industry. From the choice of materials to the intricacy of design, every aspect is meticulously considered to ensure a realistic and aesthetically pleasing product that captivates my customers’ imagination.

Innovative Customization Options

In a world where personalization and individuality are valued more than ever, Irontech Doll shines with its innovative customization options. We understand that every customer has unique preferences and desires regarding their doll companions. By offering a wide array of customizable features, from facial features to body type and accessories, Irontech Doll empowers to cater to a diverse clientele, expanding the market reach and relevance.

Diverse Product Range

Variety is key in the love doll industry. We also deliver on this front. Whether our customers seek lifelike companions, artistic masterpieces, or collector’s items, our brand’s diverse product range has something for everyone. This breadth of offerings allows us to cater to different tastes and helps us tap into various market segments, fostering growth and sustainability for the distribution business.


We utilize TPE and silicone materials for crafting our sex dolls. Silicone, an eco-friendly food-grade substance, offers exceptional safety and environmental benefits. Its unique chemical stability permits long-term usage without releasing harmful substances, thus minimizing environmental contamination. Silicone finds wide application in upscale consumer goods, medical equipment, and everyday items like water bottles, ensuring top-notch quality and user well-being.

On the other hand, TPE is another eco-friendly choice that excels in environmental preservation. Its robustness and resilience guarantee sustained performance across multiple uses, curbing resource depletion and waste generation. TPE’s malleability and processability streamline production, minimizing waste and energy use. Furthermore, TPE’s recyclability lessens the environmental impact and fosters resource sustainability.

Here's How You Can Become an Agent

Step 1: Explore Our Products

Take some time to explore our diverse range of adult love dolls. We offer a variety of customizable options. Please familiarize yourself with our product offerings found on our website. A solid understanding of our products is crucial for effectively promoting them to potential customers.

Step 2: Research and Understand Our Values

At Irontech Doll, we prioritize quality, discretion, and customer satisfaction. Please get to know our brand values, which include promoting a positive attitude towards intimacy, and privacy, and providing exceptional customer service. Understanding these values will help you effectively communicate the benefits of our products to your potential clients.

Step 3: Contact Us

Reach out to us via our official website. Please express your interest in becoming an agent and provide a brief overview of your background, skills, and reasons for wanting to represent our brand. We value passionate people who can embody our brand ethos – Beauty, Inspired, Creation.

Step 4: Application Review

Our team will carefully review your application and consider your suitability as an agent. If your application aligns with our brand and values (and we’re hoping it does!), we’ll contact you for a friendly chat.

Step 5: Training and Product Knowledge

Upon approval, you’ll get all the juicy details about our products, their features, how to customize them, and the best ways to use them. This knowledge will empower you to answer customer questions confidently and provide personalized recommendations.

Step 6: Set Up Your Business

Establish your business as an authorized agent for Irontech Doll. This may involve registering your business, setting up a website or online platform, and creating promotional materials that reflect the quality and uniqueness of our products.

Step 7: Marketing and Promotion

Unleash your creative genius! Develop marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience, leveraging various online and offline channels.  Social media, blogs, teaming up with cool partners – the world is your oyster. Spread the word far and wide about our super realistic adult love dolls!

Step 8: Customer Engagement

Interact with potential customers, addressing their questions, concerns, and preferences. You aim to create a comfortable environment where customers can make informed purchase decisions.

Step 9: Orders and Customer Support

Facilitate the ordering process for your customers. Assist them in customizing their love dolls to suit their desires and preferences. Provide exemplary customer support to ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

Step 10: Grow and Adapt

Stay updated with industry trends, customer feedback, and technological advancements. Continuously adapt your approach to meet evolving customer needs and preferences. Your commitment to growth and improvement will contribute to your success as an Irontech Doll agent.

Questions You May Ask

Q1: How and where do I place orders?

You can place order via email, send us the order request and details and we will send order confirmation or invoice for you to proceed with order.

Q2: What types of certifications do you have? 

Product safety certificate

Q3: Do you have a warehouse? And where are your warehouse(s) located?

Factory locates in Zhongshan, China.   USA warehouse locates in California, US.   EU warehouse locates in Spain.

Q4: Which countries do you sell to?

European, American, Most Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

Q5: Which countries don’t you sell to? 

India, Saudi Arabia, Muslim countries, Hinduism countries, and Middle East countries.

Q6: Do you have robot sex dolls (e.g., sucking)?

Robotic blow job feature, Vagina auto sucking & clamping, electric hip, and waist movement.

Q7: Say a customer wanted to change something. When would be the absolute last moment they could do this?

If customer wanted to change something, the last moment would be before production. (Production usullay starts in 1-3 days  after confirmed order)Nails, color of labia, areola,non-permenant facial make-up can be changed after production. But we do not recommend frequent changes, as it will affect the coloring effect of the doll.

Q8: How does your dispute process look?

Usually, the doll specs and options are confirmed with the customer before production. We always provide factory photos of the custom dolls for confirmation and approval before shipping. If the customer is upset with the products and has difficulty using them correctly, we can always provide professional guidance and user instruction. If the customer is upset with the product quality they received, we have to determine if the dolls were damaged during transportation or other reasons. Based on the investigation findings, we will choose an appropriate resolution to the dispute. This may involve refunding, offering a repair kit/ replacement part, or other compensation or solution. 

Q9: Can sex dolls be returned for any reason?

As the product is personal belongings, we do not accept the return of the goods. Custom or personalized dolls are not acceptable to be returned. Used love dolls are not accepted to be returned. If the customer received the doll and found defects or quality issues caused by the production side or transportation, we can refund or send a repair kit.

Q10: How long does it take to manufacture and ship dolls after an order is made?

For TPE sex dolls, manufacturing time would be 7-10 working days. For Silicone sex dolls, manufacturing time would be 15-25 working days. 

Q11: Are there any additional costs (Any taxes, tariffs or extra fees)?

We provide DDP service for shipping to most of our marketable countries.

Q12: What are the average shipping times? 

6-8 days ship by Express, 10-15 days ship by air shipping, 20-30 days ship by land, 25-40 days ship by ocean.

Q13: Which shipping carriers do you use?  


Q14: Do you provide factory pictures before shipping?

Yes, we always send factory photos of the doll for vendor/customer review and confirmation before shipping.

Q15: What happens in the case that a package gets lost?

If the package gets lost during transportation and before delivery, we will remake and resend the same sex doll for the customer.

Q16: What material are your sex dolls made of?

All the lifelike sex dolls we sell are made from medical-grade TPE or Silicone material.

Q17: How can we guarantee quality?

We embed strict quality control measures at every stage of the manufacturing process. Before shipping, each doll undergoes detailed photography, which is shared with the customer enabling them to confirm their orders in advance.

Q18: What is the MOQ? Do you offer a drop-shipping service?

1pcs . We offer drop-shipping service and deliver it to your customer directly.

Q19: In the initial stage of cooperation, what kind of support can you offer?

We’ll provide complete information on our products, irregular promotional activities to help agents issue orders, and dedicated sales docking services.


Join Irontech Doll Family Today!

By becoming an agent for Irontech Doll, you’ll play an essential role in providing individuals with unique and fulfilling experiences. Join us in promoting positive attitudes towards intimacy and companionship. Contact us today to embark on a journey of beauty inspired creation.