Irontech Doll Most Popular TPE Sex Doll 155cm Cecelia

Cecelia is a slim girl, she’s your best friend. A partner who will love you no matter what. A girl who is always focused on making you happy.

Height 155cm
Breast Size A cup
Full Bust 74cm
Under Bust 63cm
Waist 57cm
Hips 82cm
Weight 30kg
Arm Length 54cm
Shoulder Width 33cm
Calf Circum 30cm
Thigh Circum 44cm
Leg Length 81cm
Foot Length 21.5cm
Function Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex are available
Penetrable tunnel Depth Vagina: 16cm; Anus: 14cm; Mouth: 10cm

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Flat-chested sex dolls are sexy and realistic. Much lighter than the BBW sex dolls but with the same delicious benefits. Flat-chested sex dolls are also ideal if you don't like carrying a heavier girl. These real TPE women are the easiest to love. Just take her around the house, even for a romantic picnic.

Real sex dolls are truly lifelike with beautiful hair and stunning eyes. Buying a Flat-chested sex doll will give you more possibilities and more fantasies. Vaginal, anal, and oral sex are all within your reach.

Enjoy this wonderful companion that will meet all your needs without asking for anything in return. So let her please you in every way she can. Dress her up in all kinds of outfits and let the playtime begin. You will be surprised how lifelike and similar to a human girl she is.

Accessories Pack (comes with each sex doll)

Cleaning Pump*1




Heating Rod*1



Sleeping Bag or Blanket*1

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