Irontech Doll Starter Series TPE Mini 105cm Doll Sally

Cost-effective, cheaper than life-size love dolls – Human life-size dolls are not cheap, and these beautiful and gorgeous women are a real investment. Nonetheless, if you just don’t want to spend a lot of money on sex dolls for the first time, you can research Starter Series mini-sex dolls. These cutie love dolls provide the same experience as life-size real dolls and are usually cheaper than full-size dolls.

Height 105cm
Breast Size E cup
Full Bust 61cm
Under Bust 40cm
Waist 38cm
Hips 64cm
Weight 14kg
Arm Length 38cm
Shoulder Width 25cm
Calf Circum 24cm
Thigh Circum 34cm
Leg Length 48cm
Foot Length 16cm
Function Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex are available
Penetrable tunnel Depth Vagina: 12cm; Anus: 12cm; Mouth: 8cm; Certification: CE, RoHS, SGS

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This is not your average sex doll - it’s the mini-sex doll everyone wants to own. Our new Starter Series Collection is a smaller, slimmer version of our other premium TPE sex dolls, but it still maintains its realistic shape and feel. With matching breasts, nipples and labia, the mini-sex doll is an ideal sex doll that will give you all the benefits of owning a full-sized doll at a fraction of the cost.

TPE Material: Non-toxic and odorless; Pulling a large degree of strength, strong elasticity; Very soft, feels better and softer than silicone. What's more, the doll's material is also super soft, so it can give the most natural texture of human skin.

Skeleton: Metal stainless steel.

Feet: Normal/Standing

Accessories Pack (comes with each sex doll)

Cleaning Pump*1




Heating Rod*1



Sleeping Bag or Blanket*1

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We have a professional and passionate support team that can provide a timely and kind response. So that there will be add-on value for our business partners. Irontechdoll group believes doing business, establishing a good relationship, and helping business partners on all sides will push all of us forward further and steadier.

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