Irontech Doll TPE Sex Robot Doll 171cm Viola

Viola equipped with mechanical device in these pictures.Your doll is no longer dull! There are three options for customization: Vagina Automatic Clamp & Suck, Electric Hip and Waist and Automatic body movement. Should you have any interest please feel free to contact us.

Height 171cm
Skin Color Brown
Eyes Color Brown
Full Bust 92cm
Under Bust 74cm
Waist 66cm
Hips 104cm
Weight 42kg
Arm Length 65cm
Shoulder Width 40cm
Calf Circum 30cm
Thigh Circum 53cm
Leg Length 77cm
Foot Length 22cm
Function Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex are available
Penetrable tunnel Depth Vagina:18cm; Anus:16cm; Mouth:13cm; Certification: CE, RoHS, SGS

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Customize your robot doll.

-Automatic body movement

With 3 different frequencies of automatic body movements back and forth, you can experience the ultimate sexual experience. Please enjoy the imitation of real movements brought to you by your beloved sex doll

- Electric hips and waist

When you turn on the power, she will gyrate her hips and waist like a real person. The wireless remote control makes it easy to adjust the speed to your personal preference. Explore the secrets of your body with your love doll, she won't let you down.

- Automatic vaginal clenching and sucking

Can your love doll give you incredibly intense sexual pleasure? Of course you can! The automatic vaginal clamping and sucking feature will amaze you. Heating, vibration and moaning functions are available.

Due to the limited body of the doll, some features are not recommended to be used together.


Avoid scratching with sharp objects such as nails, so as not to damage the doll's skin.

If you scratch the skin of the doll carelessly, please repair it with glue made by our company. Due to airline restrictions, we are not able to ship the glue with the doll. Please buy individually if you need them. Please contact customer service for specific repair methods.

We are committed to providing you with

1. Direct factory price, distributor & agent price, competitive price in your market.

2. Support Drop shipping, no financial pressure.

3. Real TPE sex doll with metal skeleton inside.

4. Soft skin touch feeling

5. 100% discreet package

6. Best after-sales service, provide you with the best solution.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Original design
Lifelike details
Soulful creation

Professional Team

R&D Experts
OEM&ODM Accepted
Rigorous Production

Quality Service

Prompt Response
Sophisticated Staff
After-sale Service
Customized Service


Good Reputation
Available in the main market
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