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In the September 2023 issue, XBIZ recommended Irontech Doll’s Luna in the reviews section. This is the first time Irontech Doll’s doll appeared on XBIZ.

As Ovid tells us, when Pygmalion returned to the perfect woman he had designed, after praying to the gods to give him a bride such as her, he noticed she felt warm. He pressed his lips to hers and also touched her breast with his hand.
“The ivory yielded to his touch, and lost its hardness, altering under his fingers, as the bees’ wax of Hymettus softens in the sun, and is molded, under the thumb, into many forms, made usable by use,” wrote the bard.
And so Luna, as if made from Hymettus’s wax, will be made usable by your use.

In the October 2023 issue, Irontech Doll, with its high-end brand Real Lady, officially appeared on XBIZ for the first time. This shows that we have greater exposure within the adult industry.