Irontech Doll Year-end Celebration Retrospect

As 2023 bid farewell, Irontech Doll came together on the 20th of January to celebrate the accomplishments of the year in a grand year-end celebration. The event was attended by the dedicated company staff and esteemed business partners who have been instrumental in the success of Irontech Doll.

Opening Act: A Celebration of Employee Talent

The festivities kicked off with an exciting performance by employees to showcase their talents. This set the stage for a night filled with gratitude, camaraderie, and happiness.

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CEO's Reflection: A Decade of Dedication

Leonard Liu, the visionary CEO of Irontech Doll, took the stage to address the attendees. With over a decade of experience in the adult toys industry, Leonard shared the journey of Irontech Doll’s evolution since its inception between 2015 and 2016. From the establishment of the first brand, Irontech Doll, to the subsequent ventures like Sigafun, focusing on sex doll torsos, and Real Lady, the flagship brand specializing in hyper-realistic love doll production, Leonard expressed his enthusiasm for the remarkable progress the company has made. He expressed heartfelt gratitude for the tireless efforts of the staff and the unwavering support of valued business partners. Leonard conveyed his hope for continued collaboration to strengthen the team and achieve even greater heights.

Business Partner's Perspective: A Testament of Friendship

Guoda, a trusted business partner, graced the celebration and expressed his gratitude for the invitation from Irontech Doll. Despite meeting Leonard just a few weeks prior, Guoda felt Leonard was not just a business associate but an old friend. He conveyed his optimism for Irontech Doll’s future success.

Recognition of Excellence: "Best Employee" and "Best Newcomer" Awards

In a moment of celebration, the “Best Employee Award” and “Best Newcomer Award” were announced, and CEO Leonard Liu personally presented the well-deserved awards, recognizing and appreciating the outstanding contributions of the recipients.

Game Time Extravaganza

Before indulging in a delightful dinner, the attendees engaged in a lively game, with participants receiving money based on their game performance. Adding an extra layer of excitement, a lottery provided everyone with the chance to win fantastic gifts, making the evening even more memorable.

Irontech Doll’s year-end celebration is not only a review of the year’s achievements, but also a look forward to driving the company into the future. May Irontech Doll continue to develop in the coming year.

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