Irontech Starter Series Latina TPE Realistic Big Ass

What is more attractive than a Latino beauty’s ass? Full and bouncy, sexy and stretchy. Browse the page to gain more information.

Hipline 124cm
Waist line 62cm
Height 30cm
Ass width 49cm
Weight 15kg
Thigh diameter 19cm

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Big ass from Sigafun is a realistic Latino woman's ass about 11.8in with a bouncy, sexy butt. We use top-grade TPE, a soft and elastic material, to create the fantastic ass. It feels soft!

It has two tunnels for inserting. The vagina and anus materials are elastic and can adapt to any size of the penis. The vagina is made of particle dots and comb teeth, bringing you an intimate massage experience. We promise that the vividly coloured labia must impress you.

Thanks to the soft TPE material, the supple ass can be positioned in multiple ways. This is a mature Latino woman's ass, and you can squeeze the ass and feel the squishy texture. Soft and smooth skin touches even better than a natural person.

Our unique artistic painting produces clear pores, moles and skin structures. We offer optional body decorating to meet individual preferences, including skin colour, vagina and anus, pores and veins. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and place personal order.

We recommend you use it with water-based lubricants to prevent tearing.
You can store it in a closet or travelling case.

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