Irontechdoll 103cm Mini TPE Doll Sally

Sally doll has a perfect body in our new designs. Soft face, beautiful papaya breasts and legs. Only 18kg, because many customers are looking for lighter but cute dolls, we make this kind of doll – Sally, a good love doll in your heart?

Material TPE With Metal Skeleton Inside
Height 103cm
Shoulder Width 26cm
Breastline 60cm
Underbreastline 46cm
Waistline 42cm
Hipline 76cm
Thighline 41cm
Calfline 24cm
Arm 35cm
Leg 41cm
Feet 16cm
Weight 18kg
Function Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is available
Penetrable tunnel Depth Vagina:12cm; Anus:12cm; Mouth:8cm

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Make sure you wash your body after each use. There's nothing worse than a smelly sex toy. It takes less than 10 seconds to rest your bodies and make sure the openings are clean. Doing so means your sex doll will not smell and will help keep it in top condition. I love this sex toy cleaner. You can shower your sex doll or take a bath to clean it up. Make sure you use warm (not hot) water and no scented disinfectants. Do not forget to dry your baby thoroughly after washing.

Make sure your sex doll is out of direct sunlight, because the sun can damage and age the skin, not in the traditional sense but age it in a way where rips, tears, and elasticity failures are more prone.

Material: We use nothing but medical-grade, TPE&silicone, and body-safe dyes that we mix together at our own facilities to produce natural skin-like colors. After the poured material has solidified, our experienced workers put the final touches on the dolls by hand. All of our products have passed CE & RoHS certification. Besides, our brand Irontech Doll is famous for its excellent quality and good reputation all over the word since 2017.

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