Irontechdoll Silicone 168cm Female Sex Doll S19 Pearl

Short Description: You can create your own beloved doll from caucasian sex dolls. Some of these look like celebrities. They can also be used by men to look for blonde women who are attractive enough to be their wives or girlfriends. There are various types of silicone or TPE love dolls that you can find here.

Skin Color Natural
Eyes Color Grey
Full Bust 82cm
Under Bust 70cm
Waist 63cm
Hips 97cm
Weight 39kg
Arm Length 68cm
Shoulder Width 40cm
Calf Circum 34cm
Thigh Circum 53cm
Leg Length 80cm
Foot Length 23cm

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Pearl is a sexy Caucasian girl with a soft and attractive body. A good quality silicone sex doll, Pearl comes with a metal skeleton that allows it to move like a human being. This life-sized silicone sexual doll has various options for men, such as oral, anal, and vaginal sex. With her silky hair and gorgeous eyes, this girl will be with you every day if you decided to take her home.


The design of Pearl's sex doll is simple, elegant, and innovative. This 168cm doll features a well-defined face, detailed texture, and realistic body paint. Its platinum silicone body is incredibly lifelike. The 168cm Pearl doll is also made of high-quality material and is ready to fulfill your desires.

Irontech Doll Creation

The product's creations are based on our pursuit of beauty. In the creation process, we try to recover every detail that a real beauty enjoys. With this target, we have made breakthroughs in the skeleton, skin touches feel, private parts, makeup, etc. Every doll is designed, manufactured, and tested to offer an amazing experience.

Why Choose Us?

Irontechdoll operates a business in Guangdong, China, the sex doll capital of the world. We personally inspect every doll produced on the factory floor. And, like 5-star chefs, we don't send anything until it's 100% correct. We love questions, so ask!


Our doll is composed of stainless steel that forms the skeleton of the doll, and our TPE state forms the flesh and body of the doll. The doll's joints move easily into a range of sexual positions while being rigid enough to hold them. We know that buying a sex doll is an investment, and there are many companies and dolls to choose from - some good, some bad, and some might not meet your demands. So while you're shopping around, be sure to send us any questions or concerns and we'll get back to you and try to resolve the issue.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Original design
Lifelike details
Soulful creation

Professional Team

R&D Experts
OEM&ODM Accepted
Rigorous Production

Quality Service

Prompt Response
Sophisticated Staff
After-sale Service
Customized Service


Good Reputation
Available in the main market
Collaborate with social media
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