TPE sex dolls, Silicone sex dolls factory in China.
153CM Full Body SILICONE SEX DOLL Cherry

153CM Full Body SILICONE SEX DOLL Cherry

Irontechdoll Highlights:

1.Soft realistic but tough skin for durable use;

2.Great anti-pressure performanace and pressure hints self-recovering capability;

3.Flexible lifelike but tough skeleton;

4.Soulful creation with great focusing on lifelike details;

5.Manipulating friendly.


Super Realistic Series:

Height: 153cm

Shoulder width: 34cm

Bust: 78cm

Under bust: 56cm

Waist: 51cm

Hip: 96cm

Leg: 93cm

Arm: 65cm

Palm: 17cm

Feet: 21cm

Weight: 38kg

Vaginal and Anal sex is available



1. All the doll will be packed and shipped with qualified protection.
2. All the doll will be delivered with privacy(blind package).
3. You can order certain dolls in USA and EU warehouse, there will be no tax and custom clearance needed.
4. We have special shipping with custom and clearance and tax included.
  Please contact our customers support center or our vendors to consult for real time inforamtion.

Irontechdoll covers most complete style realistic sex doll and always put beauty inspired creation as their slogan!

Irontechdoll hopes to bring more and more amazing satisfaction in future progress.

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