Male Silicone Sex Doll 176cm M5 Thomas


Elevate your intimate desires with Irontech Doll’s male silicone sex doll – meet Thomas. Crafted with premium silicone for lifelike realism, explore customization options for your perfect partner.

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ONLY HARD silicone heads use mechanical eyes.

Custom Made
*Implanted Body Hair

Please get in touch with us if you want a personalized body hair.

Chest Hair
Arm Hair
Pubic Hair
Skeleton Tightness
The most popular choice
Photographer's choice
Better user experience
*Skin Tone
Same As Photo
Custom Made
Copper Wire Fingers
Articulated Finger Joints
Hard Hand with Copper Wire Fingers
Hard Hand with Articulated Fingers
*Areola Size
Same As Photo
Custom Made
*Feet Options
Same As Photo
Custom Made
*EVO Skeleton
*Detachable Silicone Dildo
*Extra Silicone Dildo
*Other Functions

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Heating System
M16 Sex Doll Head Connector
Want more customization, such as robot sex dolls? Please leave your special requirements here.
Product price: $3,930.00
Total options:
Order total:
MaterialFull Silicone
Full Bust98cm
Under Bust90cm
WeightWeight Reduction to 40kg (With Head plus 2.5-3 kg)
Arm Length65cm
Shoulder Width47cm
Thigh Circum55cm
Leg Length91cm
Foot Length27cm

Elevate Intimacy with Irontech Doll Male Silicone Sex Dolls

Discover the epitome of lifelike passion with Irontech Doll’s Male Silicone Sex Dolls. Our collection is a testament to craftsmanship and dedication to realism, offering you an opportunity to elevate your intimate experiences like never before. Whether you’re seeking companionship, an intimate partner, or an exploration of desires, our male sex dolls are designed to provide you with a connection that’s as authentic as it is satisfying.

Premium Silicone Craftsmanship for Realism Beyond Compare

Irontech Doll takes pride in utilizing premium silicone to craft our male sex dolls. The result? An unparalleled tactile sensation that mimics the warmth and softness of real human skin. Each doll is carefully designed to capture the subtleties of the male physique, boasting anatomical accuracy, defined muscles, and a smooth, skin-like texture. When you run your hands over our dolls, you’ll experience an astonishingly lifelike touch and feel, allowing you to explore your desires with a partner that’s as authentic as it gets.

Tailor Your Perfect Partner

At Irontech Doll, we recognize that personal preferences vary widely, which is why we offer an array of customization options. You have the freedom to choose eye color, hair type, and facial features, ensuring your male sex doll embodies your ideal partner. With their fully posable bodies, our dolls can take on various positions, enabling you to explore a myriad of intimate moments. Dive into a world of limitless possibilities as you embark on a journey of pleasure, passion, and companionship with a partner who’s always ready to fulfill your deepest fantasies. Experience a level of satisfaction that goes beyond your imagination with Irontech Doll’s male silicone sex dolls, where authenticity and customization unite to offer you an extraordinary connection.


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