Pawg Sex Doll 156cm Jessica


Indulge in your deepest desires with the Irontech Doll 156cm Pawg Sex Doll Jessica.

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Custom Made
Same As Photos
Custom Made
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EVO Skeleton
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[Oral Sex Movement] and [Electric Hip and Waist] can only be added to these TPE Female bodies at the same time: 140cm, 156cm, 157cm, 158cm, 159cm, 159cm plus, 160cm minus, 161cm, 163cm, 163cm plus, 165cm, 167cm, 168cm, 170cm, 171cm and 175cm. [Oral Sex Movement] is not available in TPE 150cm, 153cm, 154cm, 154cm plus, 155cm, 160cm, 163cm minus, 164cm, 164cm plus, 165cm plus, 165cm minus, 166cm, 168cm plus and 169cm. Select the [Oral Sex Movement] and [Electric Hip and Waist] functions at the same time, adding an extra 15 kg. If you have any questions about these functions, please consult us before placing an order to avoid refund losses.

Heating System
Intellegent Moaning Function
+ 3kg
+ 4kg
M16 Sex Doll Head Connector
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Product price: $1,914.07
Total options:
Order total:
Material TPE With Metal Skeleton Inside
Height 156cm
Shoulder Width 36cm
Breastline 95.5cm
Underbreastline 75cm
Waistline 67.5cm
Hipline 125cm
Thighline 71cm
Calfline 36cm
Arm 67.5cm
Leg 82cm
Feet 21.5cm
Weight 58kg
Function Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex are available

Experience Unparalleled Sensuality with Irontech Doll 156cm Pawg Sex Doll Jessica.

Indulge in your deepest desires with the Irontech Doll 156cm Pawg Sex Doll Jessica. This exquisite creation embodies the epitome of allure and sensuality. With her alluring features and a figure that celebrates the beauty of a Phat Ass White Girl, Jessica is sure to captivate your senses from the moment you lay eyes on her. Crafted to perfection by Irontech Doll, Jessica promises an experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting you into a world of passion and intimacy.

Blonde Bombshell: Jessica’s Irresistible Charisma

Standing at 156cm, Jessica exudes confidence and charm with her striking blonde hair and captivating blue eyes. Her mature allure is further enhanced by her well-defined curves, celebrating the essence of a Phat Ass White Girl. Every inch of Jessica’s body is meticulously crafted, offering a lifelike texture and suppleness that mirrors the human touch. With an articulated metal skeleton, she can strike any pose you desire, ensuring your encounters are as dynamic and fulfilling as your fantasies.

Crafted for Pleasure, Built to Last

Irontech Doll spares no effort in delivering a product of exceptional quality. Jessica is made from premium materials that guarantee durability and longevity. Her TPE skin feels incredibly realistic, providing a sensual experience that will leave you breathless. Whether you seek companionship or desire a passionate rendezvous, Jessica is ready to fulfill your every need. Elevate your intimate experiences with a companion who embodies beauty, charm, and allure. Choose Jessica and embark on a journey of pleasure, intimacy, and limitless satisfaction.


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