Pregnant Silicone Sex Doll 158cm S7 Betty


These pregnancy sex dolls are very tender and loving, and they can be ideal for people looking to have something different. Due to their unique shape, these toys are easier to handle and are more pleasant to touch.

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ONLY HARD silicone heads use mechanical eyes. ROS heads can have hair, eyebrows, and lower eyelashes implanted.

Same As Photo
Custom Made
Shining Green
Blue Green
Charm Blue
Shining Green
Bloodshot Green
*Body Softness
Ultra Soft
Partly Softer
*Skin Tone
Same As Photo
Custom Made
*Eye Color
Same As Photo
Custom Made
Articulated Finger Joints
Hard Hand (More Protection)
Same As Photo
Custom Made
Same As Photo
Custom Made
*Nipple Color
Same As Photo
Custom Made
*Areola Size
Same As Photo
Custom Made
*lmplanted pubic hair
Same As Photo
Custom Made
*Vagina Color
Same As Photo
Custom Made
*Vagina Types
*Vagina Texture
Same As Photo
Custom Made
*Feet Options
Same As Photo
Custom Made
EVO Skeleton
*Shemale Dildos
Custom Made
*Other Functions
Heating System
Intellegent Moaning Function
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Product price: $2,760.00
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Order total:
Height 158cm
Skin Tone Natural
Eyes Color Brown
Full Bust 84cm
Under Bust 65cm
Waist 85cm
Hips 99cm
Weight 45kg
Arm Length 69cm
Shoulder Width 37cm
Calf Cirum 36cm
Thigh circum 53cm
Leg Length 75cm
Foot Length 21cm

Although small sex dolls live in her belly, having sex with one is not different from having sex with a standard silicone doll. But pregnant sex dolls provide you a different sexual fun than other sex dolls.

These pregnant sex dolls are made to be very tender and loving, and they can be ideal for people looking to have something extra. While the size of these toys can be heavier than that of their skinny counterparts, most owners find these to be more fantasies.

Our selection of pregnant sex dolls is made with high-quality silicone materials. It comes with a stainless metal skeleton and super soft gel belly, allowing you to experience the pleasure of rubbing yourself against a curvy body.

Premium wig

Super realistic body paint

EVO skeleton (Include quick connector, double knee joint, shrugging shoulder)

Articulated finger joints

Gel breast

Gel ass

Gel belly

All of our products have passed CE, RoHS, and SGS certifications.

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