Silicone Head Sex Doll 175cm William


Discover the ultimate pleasure with the Irontech Doll Silicone Head Sex Doll – 175cm William. Experience lifelike realism and satisfaction like never before. Explore this premium Irontech Doll today!

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Type TPE body; Silicone head; Steel skeleton
Full Bust 90cm
Waist 76cm
Hips 99cm
Weight 54kg
Arm Length 71cm
Shoulder Width 47cm
Calf Circum 36cm
Thigh Circum 56cm
Leg Length 84cm
Foot Length 27cm
Function Anal, Oral (only for soft silicone head); Mouth Depth: 13cm; Anal Depth: 18cm; Penis size: Small 15cm(length)*12.5cm(Circum);2.Big 25cm(Length)*17.5cm(Circum)

Lifelike Silicone Head for Immersive Intimacy

Indulge in the ultimate fantasy with the Irontech Doll Silicone Head Sex Doll – 175cm William. This meticulously crafted sex doll combines a high-quality silicone head with a TPE body, delivering unparalleled realism and sensuality. William’s silicone head offers an incredibly lifelike appearance, with stunning attention to detail in every facial feature. You’ll be captivated by the doll’s expressive eyes, realistic lips, and soft-touch skin that invites your touch and affection.

Curves and Contours for Your Desires

The 175cm William sex doll features a TPE body that feels astonishingly like real human skin. Its body is designed with precision to mimic a real partner’s natural curves and contours, ensuring a lifelike and immersive experience. Whether you seek companionship or physical intimacy, William is ready to fulfill your desires, offering flexibility and possibilities that allow you to explore various positions and scenarios. Every touch and caress will leave you in awe of the doll’s lifelike texture and anatomical accuracy.

Privacy and Discretion Guaranteed

Your privacy is our utmost concern. When you choose the Irontech Doll Silicone Head Sex Doll – 175cm William, you can trust that your order will be handled discreetly and shipped in a secure, unmarked package. Your satisfaction and comfort are our priorities, and we are committed to providing a safe and discreet shopping experience. Explore your fantasies confidently, knowing you’ve chosen the highest quality product and craftsmanship.


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