TPE sex dolls, Silicone sex dolls factory in China.

108cm sex-doll

108cm Silicone sex dolls are more realistic looking sex dolls than TPE dolls.The material provides realistic soft texture.Silicone sex dolls have been around for a while and it is a proven material to make cheap sex dolls.It is a non-porous material, the non-porous nature of this material makes it more hygienic and easier to sterilize.

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  • Irontechdoll Highlights:

    1.Soft realistic but tough skin for durable use;

    2.Great anti-pressure performanace and pressure hints self-recovering capability;

    3.Flexible lifelike but tough skeleton;

    4.Soulful creation with great focusing on lifelike details;

    5.Manipulating friendly.

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Irontechdoll covers most complete style realistic sex doll and always put beauty inspired creation as their slogan!

Irontechdoll hopes to bring more and more amazing satisfaction in future progress.

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