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Passion for Your Pleasure

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Winner Announcement

Winners Prize 1

First Prize: John

Winners Prize 2

Second Prize: Craig

Winners Prize 3

Third Prize: Corbin


The Great Easter Egg Hunt is Here!

Join us for an exclusive Easter Egg Hunt on our website! Discover the hidden eggs that are scattered within our website pages and have a chance to win amazing prizes. Get ready to dive into the adventure!

Easter Egg Hunt Time: March 23rd – March 31st, 2024

How to Participate:

1. Explore and Discover: Navigate through our website and look for the Hidden Easter Egg on our website’s pages.

2. Find and Click: Once you spot an Easter egg, click on it to reveal a pop-up window and fill out the information form with your details. You’ll be qualified for the lottery drawing.

3. We will announce the winners (randomly selected) through a lottery on April 1st and contact you within 24 hours. Please pay attention to your email notification (If you cannot find the email in your inbox, kindly check your spam email as well.). 

Prizes To Be Won:

First Prize: A Small Silicone Torso (SG-T-011 Cora).

Second Prize: Choose one of your favorite products from our exclusive “Body Collection” (Ms. Precision, Hands, Feet, Treasure Chest, and more).

2 2

Treasure Chest


Grip Gently

6 1

Step Softly

lifelike sex doll milf pussy

Ms. Precision V1

silicone pussy

Ms. Precision V2

sex doll pussy

Ms. Precision V3

Third Prize: A stylish Irontech Doll handbag brimming with goodies.

german exhibition 8

Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions before participating in the Easter Egg Hunt Event:

1. Eligibility:
– Must be over 18 to enter.
– Each user is only allowed to participate once.

2. Lottery Details:
– Winners will be selected randomly and announced on April 1st, 2024.
– Egg Hunt Event will be ended on March 31st, 2024.

3. Prize Information:
– The Prize includes shipping costs.
– The Prize cannot be exchanged for monetary value or any other item.
– Coupons will be sent via email.
– Coupons are valid for 30 days from the date of announcement.

4. Winner Notification and Response:
– Irontech Doll Team will contact the Winners by email within 24 hours.
– A response must be received within 7 days of notification.
– Failure to respond will result in the forfeit of the prize, and another participant will be drawn.

5. Coupon Usage:
– Coupons cannot be combined with Irontech Doll discount offers at other events.
– The coupon is only valid for use on the Irontech Doll official website.

6. General Terms:
– Entry will be deemed accepted and bound by the Terms and Conditions by entering the event.

The final interpretation rights of this event belong to Zhongshan Junteng Yichuang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. (Irontech Doll).