Good Vendor Standards

The following requirements are a baseline for vendors to remain on our top-tier list. IRONTECH may periodically evaluate vendors based on these criteria and other specific requirements they deem essential for partnership.

Quality of Product/Service:

Vendor will consistently provide high-quality products or services that meet or exceed IRONTECH standards and customer expectations. They do not sell fakes or partner with bad brands that sell inferior or immoral and/or illegal products.

Reliability and Consistency:

Have orders within 3 months. Ensure consistent delivery of products or services within agreed-upon timelines and quantities without compromising quality.

Competitive Pricing:

Offer competitive pricing that aligns with market rates while providing value for the quality delivered. Follow the rules of pricing (never sell below lowest selling price).

Customer Service and Support:

Provide excellent customer service and support, including responsiveness to queries, handling complaints effectively, and offering solutions promptly.

When experiencing after sale problems, vendor will try to solve issues themselves instead of passing responsibility immediately to IRONTECH.   

Strong Communication:

Maintain open and transparent communication channels, promptly addressing any issues, changes, or updates related to products/services.

Innovation and Adaptability:

Demonstrate a commitment to innovation, staying updated with industry trends, and being adaptable to evolving market needs. When IRONTECH has new updates to share, the vendor will immediately implement (no matter technology or pricing or promotion). 

Compliance and Ethical Standards:

Adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements, as well as ethical standards, ensuring fair business practices and environmental responsibility. Life-like child size dolls are strictly prohibited.

Collaboration and Partnership:

Show willingness to collaborate and communicate with the IRONTECH, to foster a mutually beneficial partnership. Actively participate in joint initiatives for growth and provide frequent up front advertising of our brand.

Performance Metrics:

Meet predefined performance metrics or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) set by IRONTECH, such as sales targets, customer satisfaction scores, or delivery accuracy.

Long-Term Relationship Building:

Display a commitment to building a long-term relationship by understanding IRONTECH goals and aligning with IRONTECH vision for the future.

Star Vendors

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