Sex Doll Options & Functions

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Silicone Sex Doll


Silicone Sex Doll Head

  1. All silicone heads can be produced as hard heads equipped with movable mechanical eyes. Standard silicone heads (hard silicone heads) can have hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes implanted.
  2. The soft silicone head boasts a functional mouth but lacks a detailed oral structure. These soft silicone heads feature hemisphere eyes, painted eyebrows, and sticky eyelashes.
  3. The ROS silicone head offers a realistic oral structure and movable jaw. ROS silicone heads are available with hemisphere eyes and can have hair, eyebrows, and lower eyelashes implanted. This option is currently available for S1, S17, S18, S20, S26, S29, S37, and S40.
MaterialMouth descriptionBlowjob functionEyesMakeupHair implanted
TPE HeadDefault oral cavityYesHemisphere eyesless durable than silicone headsNo. Painted eyebrows, and adhesive lashes
Hard Silicone HeadHard silicone head doesn’t have oral cavityNoMechanical eyes(movable)Most durableYes. Can have hair, eyebrows, and lashes implanted
Soft Silicone HeadDefault oral cavityYesHemisphere eyesLeast durable makeup among silicone headsNo. Painted eyebrows and adhesive lashes
ROS Silicone HeadRealistic oral structureYesHemisphere eyesDurability between hard and soft silicone headsHair, eyebrows, and lower lashes can be implanted
Auto Blowjob Head( ROS Silicone head with oral sex function)Realistic oral structureAuto blowjob with external deviceLearn more about the ROS Auto blowjob headHemisphere eyesDurability between hard and soft silicone headsHair, eyebrows, and lower lashes can be implanted

Mechanical Eyes (ONLY for hard silicone head)



Implanted Hair

The inner layer is implanted hairs, and the outer layer is colored braids.

Body Softness

  1. Standard softness is the default choice, offering a balanced blend of comfort and durability.
  2. We offer the Ultra Soft option for those who prefer a squishier sensation. The Ultra Soft body may have comparatively limited painting-lasting and durability.
  3. A partially softer option can be applied to specific silicone body parts, such as the abdomen, thigh, and vagina.

Skeleton Tightness

  1. Standard: The Most Popular Choice
    The standard tight skeleton is the most popular choice among users. It provides a balanced and widely accepted level of tightness, catering to a broad audience.
  2. Tight: Photographer’s Choice
    The tightly jointed skeleton helps slow down joint loosening caused by frequent pose changes, making it an excellent choice for doll photography.
  3. Loose skeleton: a better user experience
    Choosing a loosely articulated skeleton provides a better user experience, especially for individuals who prioritize intimate interaction with love dolls. This choice is especially well-suited for changing love doll poses during intimate moments.

Skin Tone


sex doll wire hand

Copper Wire Skeleton Hand

articulated finger hand

Articulated Finger Hand (Recommended for Photography)

hard hand

Hard Hand (The hard silicone layer prevents fingertips skeleton from puncturing the skin)



Gel Breasts (Default Option): Gel Breast is the standard choice for silicone love dolls, offering a natural look and feel that mirrors the softness and suppleness of real breasts.

gel breast

Soft Gel Breasts: Specially designed for those who prioritize a gentle touch, these breasts are extra squishy that’s a pleasure to embrace.

Areola Color

Vagina Color

Pubic Hair



Fixed Vagina

Removable Vagina


Provides the most realistic look and experience.

Easy to clean after use. It can be removed for cleaning.

Offers a tighter sensation during intercourse.


Easier to use.

You can experience different vagina structures.

Internal/external clamp and suction devices can be used.

Clamp and suction devices can not be used.


Cleaning can be more challenging. 

Provides less realistic sensations during intercourse.

Cannot replace the vagina if damaged.

Requires technique for insertion into sex dolls.

The potential difficulty with tall and heavy dolls.

Risk of damaging love doll during insertion and removal

fixed vagina

fixed vagina

removable vagina

removable vagina

Vagina Texture

Feet Option

standing feet

standing feet

standing feet without blots

standing feet without blots

Standing Feet have metal bolts attached to the footplate that can hold the doll’s weight, allowing it to stand without damaging the material under the feet.

Standing Feet Without Bolts is a newer option where the feet material is hardened to support the doll’s weight, but it looks like normal feet and feels much harder. However, standing for an extended period, particularly without support, can still lead to damage at the bottom of the feet.

EVO Skeleton

The EVO skeleton enhances flexibility in specific body areas, allowing for movements like shrugging and full knee bending.

EVO skeleton shrug


9cm dildo


16cm dildo


19cm dildo


23cm dildo


Shemale Dildos

The shemale dildo can apply to any full-sized sex doll. Insert the dildo into the sex doll’s vagina to get a strap-on dildo effect.

silicone shemale dildo

Mechanical functions

Electric hip & waist function, Oral sex function [ROS Silicone Head], Oral sex movement, Vagina automatic clamp & suck, Touch-sensitive moaning, Heating Function, please refer to this page.

TPE Sex Doll


TPE Sex Doll Head



Eyes Color Options

Skin Tone


sex doll wire hand

copper wire skeleton hand

articulated finger hand

articulated finger hand


Finger Nails

Toe Nails


  1. Hollow Breast(Default Option): The TPE breast with a hollow cavity.
  2. Gel Breast: Gel breasts offer a natural look and feel that mirrors the softness and suppleness of real breasts.
  3. Solid Breast: Crafted entirely from TPE.

Areola Color

Feet Option

feet option

Vagina Types

Removeable and fixed pussy

Vagina Texture

Vagina Option


These accessories will come with the doll: Manual(Anti Fake Code), cleansing pump, drying stick, heating rod, lingerie, and comb. Due to the shipping restriction, the repair kit is not allowed to ship with the doll. If you need glue or stain remover, please contact us. We will send it individually by another shipping method.


The triple packaging uses a sleeping bag, expanded styrofoam, and a cardboard box. The expanded styrofoam foam fills gaps, providing better wrapping for the doll, and ensuring its shape is maintained during long-distance transportation. Additionally, it serves as the doll’s everyday storage container.

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