At the Heart of Irontech, Beats a Passion for Your Pleasure.

Our dedication to craftsmanship, customization, and customer satisfaction sets us apart, offering an elevated and personalized experience to those seeking companionship and intimacy through love dolls. 

Passion for Your Pleasure

At Irontech Doll, our vision is to become the foremost and most authentic love doll manufacturer worldwide. To achieve this, we’re committed to innovating our products and keeping Beauty Inspired Creation all the time.

This roadmap outlines our 2023 & 2024 focus, offering transparency to our plans so everyone can track our progress across different goals.

01: Irontech Doll at Venus Berlin 2023

Our primary goal is to unveil the Irontech Doll brand to a broader audience, and this is also the exciting debut of our new brands, Real Lady and Sigafun. Our mission is to ensure that our visitors leave with an in-depth understanding of our latest offerings. To learn more Irontech Doll show details at Venus Berlin, please refer to VENUS Berlin 2023- Irontech Doll.

02: Irontech Doll at the 25th Guangzhou Adult Culture Expo

During the Guangzhou Adult Culture Expo, irontechdoll showcases 3 major brands— Irontech Doll, Sigafun, and Real Lady, along with various popular products. Together with brands worldwide, we aim to provide consumers with an international, eye-catching, sincere, and diverse product selection. This expo promises to be a professional feast of “scenery” and a confident display of our strong technical foundation and outstanding innovation capabilities to consumers worldwide.

03: Irontech Doll Villa Show with Interview of Photography

We are the FIRST MOVER to hold a huge doll carnival for a better artistic understanding of the love doll! The last time we took a group photo of the dolls was 8 years ago, in the old factory for TPE dolls. The difference is that we also arranged an interview about doll photography this time. I think you won’t want to miss any details if you are also into love dolls.

04: Irontech Silicone Doll Weight Reduction

Irontech Doll has achieved great success in the weight reduction of dolls. Without affecting the quality, the weight of the silicone 164cm body has been reduced from 42kg to 40kg, and the silicone 165cm body has been reduced from 36kg to 34kg. However, the most tremendous success in weight reduction was achieved with the silicone male dolls 170cm and 176cm. The 170cm body lost weight from 38kg to 34.7kg, and the 176cm body lost weight from 47kg to 40kg.

05: Irontech Doll Community

Irontech Doll held this community. It’s a platform for Irontech Doll lovers to ask questions and share experiences. Irontech Doll is more than just a love doll maker; we’ve built an exclusive community for our members. This community allows doll lovers to connect, communicate with each other, and share their daily moments with their dolls. If you want to learn more about Irontech love dolls, this is an excellent place to go! Join our community now!

06: Irontech Doll New Silicone Super Soft Material Upgraded

Irontech Doll will always be a first mover in the love doll industry. This year, we launched our ultra-soft silicone body, which has received rave reviews for its softness. But correspondingly, each breakthrough will bring issues, such as the ultra-soft silicone body’s rebound, dent, and stickiness, etc. So we developed new upgraded materials and will release an upgraded super soft body after testing.

07: Irontech Doll at AVN Show 2024

Irontech Doll will participate in the AVN show in Jan 2024. The AVN Show is the adult industry’s biggest trade show and the best place to meet buyers and see the latest innovations. From studios to pleasure products manufacturers, everyone you need to see to help your business grow and prosper is here. Please pay attention to our updates; the show is about to take place.